New FrostWire for Android 2.1.8-build-609 πŸˆ

frostwire-android-release-2.1.8-b609-plus.apk 17.8 MB

FrostWire 2.1.8 build 609 - DEC/17/2019 🐈
- SoundCloud search/downloads fixed πŸ™Œ
- Ads can be temporarily removed by playing a rewarded video ad πŸ™Œ
- androidx.browser:browser:1.2.0-rc01 update
- androidx.exifinterface:exifinterface:1.1.0 update
- com.applovin:applovin-sdk:9.10.5 update
- new
- update
- dev:
- cleanups and optimizations

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