How to show Search/Transfers in split screen mode on FrostWire?

Since FrostWire 6.3.1 you can select how to show the transfers screen: as an individual tab or together below the search results in split view. On this post, you will learn how to use this new option.

Open FrostWire and you will see an individual tab for transfers.

frostwire 1

Click on transfers tab and you will see all transfers!

frostwire transfers tab

Now, if you prefer to have the transfers below the search results in split view, you have to click on the “View” menu and select the option “Search/Transfers Split Screen”

frostwire view select transfer split

Restart FrostWire and now you will have the search/transfers split screen!

search transfer split

What do you prefer? Transfers Tab or Search/Transfer split screen?



Watch a Short Film About The Existential Journey of a Plastic Bag!

Plastic Bag is a short film by American director Ramin Bahrani that traces the epic, existential journey of a plastic bag (voiced by Werner Herzog) searching for its lost maker, the woman who took it home from the store and eventually discarded it. Along the way, it encounters strange creatures, experiences love in the sky, grieves the loss of its beloved maker, and tries to grasp its purpose in the world.

Plastic Bag is considered one of the best short films of all times. We loved it not only because is very well filmed, with a spectacular photograph, but its theme allows to think about our time.

Also, the film features the voice of the amazing German filmmaker Werner Herzog and an original score by Kjartan Sveinsson of the Icelandic rock band Sigur Rós.

According to OpenCulturePlastic Bag was one of 11 films released in the Internet Television Service’s “Futurestates” film series exploring “what life might look like in an America of the future.”

More info: ITVS.

An Easy Way to Protect Your Privacy Online!

Get a VPN!

Privacy is a Human Right and you must protect it. When you connect to the Internet, corporations and even your internet service provider can spy you. If you want to protect yourself and not let any stranger see your personal information, you need a VPN.


A VPN will secure your connection, no matter where you are. With a VPN whatever you do online is going to be transferred encrypted. That includes your internet searches, your personal & identifiable information you type into websites, your emails and private messages and the files you download or share. Yes, you also can use a VPN for FrostWire.

How does it work?

You have to sign up for a VPN service and obtain a username and password for authentication. You then download and install a very tiny piece of software or an app that, upon a sign in, lets you choose a location of where you want to connect to. Your device then connects to servers in that location and those servers then pass on the connection to wherever you wanted to go. Your destination website will see your connection as coming from the VPN servers and your identity will not be revealed. More here.

Does FrostWire work with VPN services?

FrostWire, both for Android and for Desktop, works seamlessly with most VPN services. This means that however you connect to the internet – with or without the VPN – FrostWire will still search and download without any adjustment in settings on your part.

What are you waiting to protect your privacy? Get a VPN today!

Huge Update Coming!

To all FrostWire+P2P Geeks and Coders who want to join us

We’ve been working hard this past month on bringing up to speed our jlibtorrent bittorrent library, this should help make the library work even better across more android devices and desktop computers. Lots of issues were solved by the libtorrent team, and many other issues were found by java developers outside FrostWire who are already using jlibtorrent in production.


If you are an app developer, and you think your users could benefit from some behind-the-scenes bittorrent based p2p networking we strongly suggest you take a look at JLibTorrent, it’s open source, it’s free, and it’s battle tested on millions of devices. The more computers we can get to join the DHT, the more we all gain.

As time passes and the libtorrent contributors keep working we are closer to having the largest and robust DHT network of the internet be IPv6 compatible and we’re super excited about the possibilities for peer to peer computing this will bring, perhaps we’ll be able to say good bye to those annoying NAT issues and take advantage of the DHT network in ways we’ve dreamed of the last half a decade.

Insanely Fast Audio Demuxing

Android users downloading large audio files from videos in YouTube will have a much much pleasant experience towards the ends of their downloads.

When YouTube sourced mp4 videos are downloaded for the purposes of audio by your FrostWire client, FrostWire extracts the audio portions of the file to create a new .m4a file (which is way better than an mp3), this process is called “demuxing”

We noticed this process was taking too long and also using more memory than necessary. Our awesome @aldenml senior developer took the time to ditch the mp4 library we were using for demuxing and rewrote the demuxing code from scratch with efficiency in mind and the results are amazing. What once could’ve taken over 5 minutes in the case of large videos, now takes just a few seconds. We have not yet done proper benchmarking, but it’s several orders of magnitude faster and now memory usage is capped to a non-blocking buffer of memory.

Improved/Easier to Maintain Music Player

Since February I’ve been working on a very challenging refactor branch that deals with eliminating a ton of repeated code on the audio player. In the process I’ve lost count of how many bugs were fixed with the audio player user experience. You should now see consistent menus and actions across the UI, less crashes, and since there’s less code from all this work our installer should be even smaller now. Less is more.

We are now expecting to move faster when it comes to fixing issues on the player now that I’m more familiar with the codebase, and now making a fix will be a lot easier as the abstractions used allow us to reuse code and make changes in a single place not in 10 places.

Song/File selection dialog

If you were ever so curious to past a SoundCloud Playlist URL, of a playlist that has tracks marked as “Downloadable” by content creators, you probably saw a dialog that showed you all the tracks FrostWire was about to download.

We had an intern (@votaguz) do some work on this dialog and now it supports checkboxes and radiobuttons, so now you will be able to pick and chose what songs will be downloaded from a soundcloud playlist.

I’m in the process of integrating this powerful dialog with BitTorrent downloads so that you can pick and chose what files from a .torrent you want to download once FrostWire has fetched a .torrent file from a server or from the DHT.

Search architecture revamp

We’ve simplified, optimized and enhanced our search code so that we can finally offer you things like filtering, grouping and sorting of search results, expect a much improved search experience and not getting lost in many results with innovative tools we’re currently experimenting in further releases.

Want to work with FrostWire?

We are looking for smart developers not afraid to code in different programming languages and tackle tough challenges. If you’re looking for impact in the number of users your code will be running on, you’ll probably have more impact on FrostWire than on a big company like Facebook or Google if you join us, we’re a smaller team and your contributions will be more significant.

We work with: Java, Python, C/C++, bash, Ubuntu, MacOSX, Windows 10, Android, AWS, Git, Github, gradle, reddit, slack.

We don’t care where you are, we just want you to breathe and love coding and understanding how operating systems, programming languages, garbage collectors, memory management, networks, compilers and runtimes work. If you have a passion for freedom of speech, no censorship and making the world a better place you will love working with us. And did we mention we don’t have formal schedules? We’re a worldwide team of coders, testers, writers, graphic designers, marketers trying to make the internet a more distributed network that empowers content creators and consumers worldwide.

We don’t want your resume, we want you to start sending pull requests to see if you have what it takes, we don’t want your Pull requests for free, we pay for them in Bitcoin. If you’re interested join us on github and try to tackle one of those, try our apps on desktop or android, find something you don’t like and fix it, code speaks louder than fancy resumes.

Great Things To Do on Halloween using FrostWire!

Halloween is here! And you can use FrostWire to do great things on this date. We made a list of things that you can do on Halloween using FrostWire!

  1. You can downlaod free public domain horror movies!

    1. Night of the Living Dead, by George A. Romero!
      (Copy this link and paste it on FrostWire:
      livingdead_600x200This is the base for the modern zombie film
    2. Nosferatu, by F. W. Murnau. 
      (Copy this link and paste it on FrostWire:
      Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter’s wife. Silent classic based on the story “Dracula.”
    3. Le diable au couvent, by George MeliesLe diable au couvent
      Satan appears in a convent and takes the guise of a priest. Before long he is causing all manner of perturbation and despair
    4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
      Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.
  2. You can read Edgar Allan Poe’s tales!

    Search on FrostWire and you will find a lot of public domain books of Poe’s stories.

  3. You can play horror music at home!

    Captura de pantalla 2015-10-30 a las 9.23.05 p.m. Captura de pantalla 2015-10-30 a las 9.22.29 p.m.

  4. Listen to Clare Costello: Halloween EP

    (Download it on Frostclick)
    Ambient blues rock has a leg up with other genres when it comes to writing reflective lyricism that punches the heart. This intent to hone clear stories into a relaxing yet entertaining fashion is clearly shown in Clare Costello‘s Halloween EP.
    Title track Halloween concludes the EP with dark, ambient strings and vocals. Clare Costello establishes her own brand of sound that consists of charming, realized arrangement and powerful vocals.

Read Classic Books using FrostWire

We all know that reading is important. Reading expands our knowledge, improves our concentration, gives us new experiences, giving us life examples for future decisions, boost imagination and creativity, exercises our brains, and a lot more. However, there are books better than others. So today we are going to give you a few tips on what free books you should read. All the following books are available under public domain and can be downloaded on FrostWire.

1. A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens

A tale of two cities

A Tale of Two Cities (1859) is a novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. The novel depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralized by the French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution, the corresponding brutality demonstrated by the revolutionaries toward the former aristocrats in the early years of the revolution, and many unflattering social parallels with life in London during the same period.


2. The Flowers of Evil, by Charles Baudelaire
The Flowers of Evil

Les Fleurs du mal (English: The Flowers of Evil) is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire. First published in 1857 (see 1857 in poetry), it was important in the symbolist and modernist movements. The poems deal with themes relating to decadence and eroticism.

3. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is Emily Brontë’s only novel. Written between October 1845 and June 1846, Wuthering Heights is one of the most powerful love stories. It follows the life of Heathcliff, a mysterious gypsy-like person, from childhood (about seven years old) to his death in his late thirties. Heathcliff rises in his adopted family and then is reduced to the status of a servant, running away when the young woman he loves decides to marry another.


4. The Prince, by Niccolò Machiavelli.
The Prince


The Prince is sometimes claimed to be one of the first works of modern philosophy, especially modern political philosophy, in which the effective truth is taken to be more important than any abstract ideal. It was also in direct conflict with the dominant Catholic and scholastic doctrines of the time concerning how to consider politics and ethics. If you want to be a leader you must read this book


5. Micrographia: Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon, by Robert Hooke

According to Discover Magazine, “A revelation in its time, Micrographia exposed the previously hidden microscopic world. Hooke, an early developer of the compound microscope, used his device to peer at the eyes of flies, the stinger on a bee, hairs, bristles, sand particles, seeds, and more, noting every detail with both words and masterful illustrations. The original book is a hefty three pounds, so the digital versions now available are more convenient, but there is something to be said for flipping through a printed copy and discovering, like a hidden treasure, each drawing in its beautiful intricacy”


So please let us know:
What are your favorite Classic Books?
Have you downloaded any good classic book using FrostWire?

Join the FrostWire development community, earn bitcoins.

Students worldwide, join the FrostWire peer to peer development community

Hello my name is Angel Leon and I’m the co-founder and lead developer of FrostWire.

FrostWire is an open source file sharing client and media player that was created initially as a fork of LimeWire once the freedom of information sharing on the peer to peer network was threatened.

Today I want to invite you to collaborate with our project and help us build the peer to peer technologies that will help decentralize the internet of today and tomorrow.

Here at FrostWire we believe it is a human right to have uncensored access to information and culture, and despite the negative stigmas associated with file sharing technologies we should always work to preserve open uncensorable channels to share information and culture.

Peer to peer information sharing protocols like BitTorrent enable us to do this, and we need help specially from young students with fresh new ideas on how to build the next generation file sharing technologies that will keep mankind connected and free to know the truth.

FrostWire as it is today consists of several different open source projects, frostwire-desktop: our client for Windows, Mac and Linux computers; frostwire-android: our android client, frostwire-jlibtorrent: our bittorrent libraries based on the awesome open source libtorrent project and frostwire-common a project with libraries shared among all the other projects.

We are looking for students or people eager to learn what it’s like to create real world massive use software in an Open Source community environment.

We are looking for people that care about our same ideals and the possible applications of p2p technologies to not just enable free uncensored information access for file sharing, publishing and communication, but also create technologies to level the playing fields on markets currently ruled and limited by media monopolies and archaic payment networks.

We need talented programmers with a passion for simple, clean, efficient code and design, eager to always put their best efforts into every contribution so that our code base has no “broken windows” at any time.

Students looking to learn object oriented programming to the fullest will find FrostWire a very fullfilling playground.

Know-how in peer to peer networking is a plus but it can be gained by collaborating with the project.

Experience in the areas of networking (TCP/UDP) will be of help but are not necessary to contribute as FrostWire is much more than just file transfering, it must deal with problems like search, file management, media playback and user experience.

The languages used in the project are mostly Java (most of the project is written in Java, specially the android version) and C/C++ (in case we need to go down and fix/extend libtorrent and mplayer). Knowing scripting languages such as Python/Ruby/Bash will help you build tools and tests and are a nice plus.

We need passionate graphic and user experience designers to help us better the way users interact with our different products, our user interfaces is constantly changing and we want to adapt the desktop version to new design trends and hardware devices (how will you use file sharing with augmented reality?)

We need translators in every language to help maintain the ever changing messages presented to users.

We need testers that can help us find and reproduce bugs before we ship new versions of the software, if you can code and maintain automated tests that will be a great way to get familiar with the code base.


FrostWire is an open source project, this means you don’t need to ask permission to start fixing what bothers you, you just need to clone our repositories, and start working on issues that may bother you, or on any of the existing issues published on our bug tracker.

Each one of the projects is periodically funded with Bitcoins that come from the donations sent by our users, this way if one of your patches gets merged into the master branch you will immediatly receive 1% of what’s left on the fund, we try to keep funds so that these tips range from $5 to $20 (depending on the current Bitcoin price and fund availability)

Harder issues to solve also have bounties, they can be FrostWire gear, or anywhere from $25, $50, $100 or even more depending on the complexity of the problem to solve and the funds available at the time.

Join us, let’s make software that gets used by tens of millions of people, you will be surprised to find out what you’re able to do and how many people you can impact in a very short amount of time.

Community members who are proven to collaborate with true passion and talent, to the point that they’re trusted enough to have direct commit privileges on the project will be considered for partial or remote full time hiring.

FrostWire is a decentralized project in every aspect, our headquarters is the internet and everyone is free to work on it remotely from where it’s most convenient.


There are many projects we’d like to get started but we can’t do it without you, if our existing projects don’t excite you perhaps the following list will:

BitTorrent based web: Let’s create a web browser and web publishing tools that leverages the power of Bittorrent to let anybody publish uncensorable content online.

BitTorrent + Bitcoin file transfers. Let’s implement a proof of concept inside FrostWire that allows anybody to sell content online without centralized entities. Let’s enable book authors, musicians, film makers and photographers to publish content on the network that is downloadable for Bitcoins, the author decides to share a percentage of every sale with honest seeders willing to help distribute the content. (See Bitcoin payment channels for escrow-less payments)