FrostWire 5.6.x alpha screenshots

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.06.59 PM

New Application Header.

Search is the core feature of the app, now there’s a single search box in the application, depending on the context it will search the internet (soon locally WiFi shared files by FrostWire instances, desktop or android), or your local Library files.

Also notice the improved unicode support on the song title showing Chinese characters.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.07.32 PM

Now we let you know something we always did, FrostWire always searches for all kinds of files, in the past this wasn’t obvious. See the number of search results per file type shown at the top of the search results, click on those buttons to show the found files for that type.

More search filters are available if you click where it says “Show Options”

A lot of eye candy coming to those search result rows, still alpha.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.08.40 PM

One search box to rule them all.

Now the upper search box can be used to search within the library, something that wasn’t very obvious in the past.

EXPERIMENTAL: FrostWire running on OUYA

Download Experimental Build for OUYA

It was a painless journey to get FrostWire to run on OUYA. We just had to add a line on the application manifest and an image so it’d be shown on the OUYA’s “Play” section.

As of now, this experimental build will let you perform downloads, we still have not plugged a keyboard to our OUYA so we couldn’t test search, but we think it should work just fine.

To install you will need to have the Android Development Toolkit installed on your computer.

You can install the apk, simply by connecting the OUYA to your computer via USB, and invoking

adb install frostwire.1.0.8.build90.ouya.apk

Then plug the OUYA to your TV and you should see FrostWire on the Play section ready to be used.

Here are some screenshots of our test run




FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-02 FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-03FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-04

Yay, FrostWire on the TV



FrostWire at Mount Everest’s Basecamp thanks to Azoora’s John Purcell


We think Azoora‘s John Purcell has raised the bar to the top of the world with this Hoodie picture.

Download Azoora’s A Thousand Ways Ep if you haven’t already, it’s absolutely free and free to share, remix and even make commercial use of thanks to its Creative Commons license

Absolutely cool, thanks so much, this makes FrostWire Everest cool.

Improved Wi-Fi Sharing icons coming

Improved icons for Wi-Fi sharing/unsharing are coming to FrostWire for Android 1.0.6, and FrostWire 5.5.6

(some users thought their files were locked, hopefully this version of the icon will not cause any confusion)

Open padlock
File is available to other users running FrostWire on the same Wi-Fi network.

Locked padlock
File is not available on the Wi-Fi network.

Share responsibly and tag Open Wi-Fi networks with FrostWire stickers.

New FrostWire 5.5.2 out – Look Mom, No Java required (full changelog)


A very important FrostWire update has been released featuring about 20 bug fixes and enhancements.

Mac users that had issues with 5.5.1 and downgraded to 5.5.0 should update to 5.5.2, lots of issues were fixed for the Mac platform as we get ready to submit FrostWire to the MacOSX App Store.

Look Mom, No Java required (on Windows, Mac coming soon)
A major change in 5.5.2 for windows is the way that FrostWire uses the Java Runtime Environment.

Before 5.5.2 our installer would check if you had a suitable Java Runtime Environment installed and if it wasn’t there it’d try to download Oracle’s JRE and install it in your computer. This complexity introduced the possibility of several thousand FrostWire installations to not finish properly, our files wouldn’t be decompressed correctly and many of you couldn’t run FrostWire.

After 5.5.2, it doesn’t matter if you have Java installed or not. Our installer comes with a Java Runtime Environment, now every FrostWire running 5.5.2 will be running the same exact version of the JRE thus getting rid of JRE Fragmentation issues. FrostWire comes with a JRE compiled from source by the FrostWire Team, it includes several fixes after the public release of the JRE 7u10 update, and you should feel FrostWire performing a lot better if you’re on Windows.

Lately the Java Runtime Environment has been getting a lot of bad press due to security exploits that affect Java Applets on web browsers, please know that these security vulnerabilities do not affect FrostWire in anyway.

Please let us know of any issues, or enhancements you think are of the utmost importance and we’ll try to include it on 5.5.3 which we hope will have some major changes in the UI, towards our final design for FrostWire 6, which will focus on making the user experience a lot friendly and according to more modern design trends in software applications.

Enjoy and share responsibly.

frostwire (5.5.2) stable; urgency=high
* Upgrade: Now 'Movies' or 'My Videos' folder is included by default on new
installs since we now have a built-in video player.
* Upgrade: The Smart Search engine can now be disabled. No torrents will be
indexed and no search against the local database will be performed if
* UI fix: Video Player Window Title now shows the file name being played.
* UI fix: Library > "Finished Downloads" renamed to "Default Save Folder"
* UI fix: When browsing another device on the Wi-Fi network newest shared files
are shown at the top of the table.
* Bug fix: On first installation FrostWire wasn't able to add 'From Devices' folder
to the Library.
* Bug fix: When restoring default settings FrostWire was not restoring default
library folders.
* Bug fix: Player remembers volume level from last song played.
* Bug fix: Sends correct file sizes on HTTP headers for shared files that
have changed in size after being shared.
* Bug fix: Repeat media play setting with only one item.
* Bug fix: New mime detector based on a bigger table.
* Bug fix: Video player doesn't skip frames when resuming from pause.
* Bug fix: Video player doesn't move frames when paused and volume slider
is being moved.
* Bug fix: Dropping a .torrent starts a download and doesn't ask to send to
a friend.
* Bug fix: (Windows) can delete files that are being played or seeded
from the Library.
* Bug fix: (Mac) compatibility with Mac OSX 10.5.x restored.
* Bug fix: (Windows) media player can open files with long paths.
* Bug fix: prevents NPE when opening a .torrent and trying to show icons when
the file system chooser wasn't available.

-- FrostWire Team  Tue, 15 jan 2013 20:00:00 -0500

Attention: Ubuntu, Debian, Mint repo maintainers – FrostWire 5.5.0 source packages available.

We’d like to reach out to all debian based package repository maintainers/mods/sponsors to notify that your distribution can now include the latest FrostWire 5.5.0 package.

We’ve put a lot of effort into a Debian Source Package distribution and .deb binaries, that you can inspect, hack and import into your repositories.

Here are the files containing every source code line needed to build and run FrostWire 5.5.0.




In case you just need the .deb with the binaries: