Introducing FrostWire 2.7.0 for Android: Enhanced Performance, Improved Security and a Collection of Fixes

Download the free official signed installer: frostwire-android-release-2.7.0-b720-plus.apk

The FrostWire team is excited to announce the latest version of its popular peer-to-peer file sharing application for Android – FrostWire 2.7.0. This release is brimming with upgrades, improvements and fixes that enhance the application’s overall performance, security and reliability.

Performance Improvements

FrostWire 2.7.0 features a range of performance improvements. In this build, we’ve updated our underlying libtorrent library to version, offering better functionality and performance.

In terms of uTP performance, multiple updates have been made to optimize the system. These improvements prevent premature timeouts/resends, allow one outstanding undersized packet, piggy-back held back undersized packet with ACKs, and put a stop to sending redundant deferred ACKs.

These enhancements are aimed at making your file-sharing experience smoother and faster.

Boost and OpenSSL Upgrades

Boost has been upgraded to version 1.82, and OpenSSL to 1.1.1t, bringing in better security and system reliability. OpenSSL upgrades in particular bring enhanced cryptography features, making your connections more secure than ever.

New Build Tools and SDKs

We’ve also upgraded the build tools and SDKs we use.

Gradle has been updated to version 8.1.1, and the application’s jar is now built with jdk20.

We’ve also updated the Android NDK to r25c (LTS) from r25b for more efficient native code development.

Additional SDK updates include com.applovin:applovin-sdk to version 11.9.0, to version 1.9.0, com.applovin.mediation:unityads-adapter to, and org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 to 1.8.21. These upgrades will enhance the app’s functionality and improve its user interface.

More Robust Python Runtime Initialization

The Python runtime initialization is now more robust, with race condition issues being fixed.

This allows for smoother operations and fewer interruptions during use.

Improved Search and Fixing Issues

The SoundCloud search function has been fixed, ensuring a more streamlined user experience. This release also includes several fixes for the libtorrent, including issues with odd piece sizes, stop-when-ready not closing files, accounting for wanted_done/done when force-rechecking, renaming of filenames that are too long for the filesystem, and more.

FrostWire 2.7.0 for Android is more secure, faster, and more reliable. It’s time to upgrade and enjoy the best FrostWire experience yet!


FrostWire 2.7.0 build 720 – JUN/01/2023

  • jlibtorrent upgrade
  • boost 1.82 upgrade
  • openssl 1.1.1t upgrade
  • gradle 8.1.1 upgrade
  • jar built with jdk20
  • libtorrent update to RC_1_2 adac0d0843c7fb2180f43d20bd5bee0e380e4673
  • android NDK r25c (LTS) (from r25b)
  • more robust initialization of Python runtime
  • fixed race condition issues starting the Python runtime
  • fixed SC search
  • lt:back-port load_torrent_*() functions
  • lt:fix issue with odd piece sizes
  • lt:fix issue where stop-when-ready would not close files
  • lt:uTP performance, fix packet loss when sending is stalled
  • lt:uTP performance, prevent premature timeouts/resends
  • lt:uTP performance, more lenient nagle’s algorithm to always allow one outstanding undersized packet
  • lt:uTP performance, piggy-back held back undersized packet with ACKs
  • lt:uTP performance, don’t send redundant deferred ACKs
  • lt:fix wanted_done/done accounting when force-rechecking
  • lt:expose userdata via torrent_handle (back-port from 2.0)
  • lt:fix renaming of filenames that are too long for the filesystem
  • lt:made UPnP and LSD code avoid using select_reactor (to work around an issue on windows in boost.asio < 1.80)
  • com.applovin:applovin-sdk:11.9.0
  • com.applovin.mediation:unityads-adapter:
  • org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk8:1.8.21

Introducing jlibtorrent A Powerful Leap Forward

As we continue to make strides in the development of torrent technology, we are proud to announce the release of jlibtorrent

This is an update packed with significant improvements, bug fixes, and upgrades that enhance performance and functionality, ensuring our user base experiences the best torrent services possible.

Binary JNI wrappers to the libtorrent binary library

Let’s delve into what’s new in this version!

What is jlibtorrent?

First, for those not familiar, jlibtorrent is a high-level Java torrent library that encapsulates the powerful libtorrent library. It simplifies torrent-related operations in Java and makes it easier for developers to create torrent-based applications.

Key Upgrades in jlibtorrent

Libtorrent Updates

We’ve included the latest libtorrent updates with numerous bug fixes and improvements, including fixes for uTP performance, addressing packet loss and premature timeouts, improvements on the load_torrent_*() functions, renaming of filenames that are too long for the filesystem, and more.

Boost 1.82 Upgrade

Boost is a key component of jlibtorrent that provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

With the upgrade to version 1.82, users can expect enhanced library performance and improved compatibility with the latest C++ standards.

OpenSSL 1.1.1t Upgrade

OpenSSL is a robust, full-featured open-source toolkit that implements the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.

By upgrading to OpenSSL 1.1.1t, we’ve improved the security features of jlibtorrent, ensuring that your torrent activities remain secure and protected.

Gradle 8.1.1 Upgrade

With the Gradle 8.1.1 upgrade, jlibtorrent now benefits from improved build times, reduced CPU and memory usage, and enhanced dependency management.

This upgrade also streamlines the integration of jlibtorrent with Android apps and enhances overall development productivity.

Jar Built with JDK20

We’ve used JDK20 to build our jar files in this release.

This means our library now supports the latest Java features and is optimized for the most recent performance enhancements introduced in Java.

Android NDK r25c (LTS) Upgrade

The upgrade from r25b to r25c in Android NDK ensures better stability and performance of jlibtorrent on Android platforms.

With the Long Term Support (LTS) version, users are guaranteed to receive critical bug fixes and backports.


Our new release, jlibtorrent, represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of efficient, secure, and versatile torrenting solutions. We’re grateful for the work of our dedicated developers and the support from our user community that makes such advancements possible. Stay tuned for further updates, and as always, happy torrenting!

FrostWire’s New Era: Introducing FrostWire Desktop 6.12.0 and Telluride Build 26

FrostWire for Desktop Binaries


mac x86_64: frostwire-6.12.0-x86_64.dmg
mac arm64: frostwire-6.12.0-arm64.dmg


Telluride Video Downloader Binaries

windows: telluride.exe
mac x86_64: telluride_macos.x86_64
mac arm64: telluride_macos.arm64
linux: telluride_linux

Unveiling FrostWire’s Latest Software Releases: A Look at FrostWire Desktop 6.12.0 and Telluride Build 26

FrostWire, a renowned player in the realm of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing, has made a significant stride forward with the release of two new software updates. The team has unveiled FrostWire Desktop 6.12.0 Build 318 and Telluride Build 26, both of which come with a host of improvements and new features.

FrostWire Desktop 6.12.0 Build 318: Enhancing User Experience

The FrostWire Desktop 6.12.0 Build 318 brings a series of enhancements aimed at improving the user experience. One of the key updates is the expansion of the Telluride Video Search to Spanish, German, Italian, and French countries. This means users in these regions can now enjoy a more localized experience when searching for videos.

Additionally, users will appreciate the faster app startup, which significantly reduces the time taken to launch the application. The new release also comes with an updated Java Runtime Environment 20.0.1, ensuring smoother and more efficient operation of the software. Lastly, the team has made a deprecation fix, transitioning from URL(s) to URI(s).toURL(), further improving the software’s performance.

Telluride Build 26: Powering Cloud Video Downloading

The Telluride Build 26, on the other hand, is all about powering up your cloud video downloading experience. The new build comes with an updated yt_dlp-2023.3.4, which enhances the software’s video downloading capabilities.

The development environment has also seen updates with pip-23.1.2, astroid-2.15.5, pyinstaller-5.11.0, and pylint-2.17.4. These updates ensure that the software remains robust, efficient, and up-to-date with the latest programming standards.

Moreover, the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader now supports Python 3.11.3, offering users more flexibility and power when it comes to video downloading. The build also introduces new options for downloading videos, including an audio-only option and a meta-only option, giving users more control over their downloads.

These two releases underscore FrostWire’s commitment to continually improving its software to provide users with a superior P2P sharing experience. Whether you’re a long-time user or new to FrostWire, these updates are sure to enhance your file sharing and video downloading activities. Stay tuned for more updates from FrostWire as they continue to innovate and revolutionize the world of P2P sharing.

Power of FrostWire Plus 2.6.6: New Video Search Source, Fixed SC Search & More

download the free installer: frostwire-android-release-2.6.6-b717-plus.apk

Hello FrostWire fans,

We’re thrilled to announce the release of FrostWire Plus 2.6.6 (build 717) for Android, packed with exciting new features and improvements to supercharge your file-sharing experience.

Our team is committed to making FrostWire the go-to platform for all your downloading needs, and this latest update brings us closer to that goal.

Let’s take a closer look at the key updates in this release and find out why you should upgrade your FrostWire for Android, Basic or Plus, today!

This update affects FrostWire Plus users only
FrostWire Plus is 100% Free

If you are a FrostWire Basic user because you got FrostWire on Google Play, we strongly recommend you switch to FrostWire Plus for a better search and download experience.

This new update only adds FrostWire Plus features that are not available for the flavor of FrostWire available in the Google Play store.

New Video Search Source
One of the most exciting features in this release is the addition of a new video search source exclusive to FrostWire Plus users. This update expands the pool of video content available for search, making it easier than ever to find and download high-quality videos across various genres and categories.

SoundCloud Search Fixed
We understand that SoundCloud has been a popular search option among our users, and with this update, we’ve fixed the SoundCloud search functionality to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. You can now continue to discover your favorite free tracks and playlists from SoundCloud without any hassle.

Upgrade to FrostWire 2.6.5 for Improved Search Results and Faster Downloads

Download frostwire-android-release-2.6.5-b716-plus.apk

Are you tired of searching for your files and only getting irrelevant results? Say goodbye to those frustrating searches with the latest update of FrostWire for Android!

The new FrostWire 2.6.5 build 714 filters out irrelevant search results from EzTv search performer, so you can easily find what you’re looking for without getting bogged down by irrelevant results. Plus, with the latest version of yt_dlp you can continue to download videos from hundreds of websites.

You’ll also notice a change in the app’s layout – the landscape mode has been removed, and the app now works only in vertical mode. This change has been made to improve the overall user experience and ensure that the app runs smoothly on all devices.

FrostWire has also improved its stability and performance by using the latest androidx.annotation:annotation:1.6.0 library.

A crash introduced in some devices while trying to get the fastest TPB mirror on startup has been fixed.

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of FrostWire for Android now and experience faster downloads, improved stability, and more relevant search results. It’s the perfect time to upgrade and enjoy all the benefits of this latest release!


  • Filters out irrelevant search results from EZTV search performer
  • Removed all landscape layouts, app works only in vertical mode now
  • python:yt_dlp-2023.3.4
  • androidx.annotation:annotation:1.6.0
  • Fixes weird crash getting fastest TPB mirror

New FrostWire 6.10 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Significant improvements in search architecture and resource utilization

Official Installers


macOS x86_64 frostwire-6.10.0-x86_64.dmg

macOS arm64 frostwire-6.10.0-arm64.dmg

Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint) frostwire-6.10.0.amd64.deb

Linux (RPM) frostwire-6.10.0.amd64.rpm

Other (Java-19 x86_64) frostwire-6.10.0.amd64.tar.gz

An update you don’t want to miss

FrostWire has just released its latest stable version, 6.10.0, and it comes with a range of new and improved features that are sure to excite its users.

One of the key enhancements of this update is faster search results. The team has been working hard to optimize the search algorithm to deliver results more quickly, making it easier for users to find the files they’re looking for.

In addition, the new Telluride build 25 comes with Python 3.11, which provides faster web video searches. The team has also added a new search engine – BTDigg – to help users find even more content.

The search results cache now works with an sqlite database, which will improve performance and stability. The default audio/video player setting for Linux is now MPlayer, which should provide a better overall experience for Linux users.

Other changes include the removal of the defunct Zooqle search engine and the removal of audio player playlists along with H2 database dependency. The team has also reduced the number of threads used, which should help reduce memory usage and improve performance.

Express VPN detection has been fixed for Windows, and there are a range of bug fixes and improvements throughout the app.

Overall, this is a significant release that demonstrates the team’s commitment to continually improving the FrostWire experience for its users. The faster search results and improved search algorithms are particularly welcome, and the removal of defunct features and engines will help keep the app streamlined and focused on what users need.

FrostWire has always been a popular choice for those who want a powerful and reliable file-sharing app, and this latest update is sure to cement its position as one of the best options out there.


frostwire (6.10.0) stable; urgency=high

  • Faster search results
  • Telluride build 25 with Python 3.11, faster web video searches
  • New BTDigg search engine
  • Search results cache now works with sqlite database
  • MPlayer 1.5.0 with FFmpeg snapshot and OpenSSL 1.1.1s
  • SoundCloud search fixed
  • Torrentz2 search fixed
  • New button on status line right corner to open settings screen
  • Old buttons to access settings screen from search results and library gone
  • SearchManager now has 2 executors, one for crawlers another for one off requests
  • Default audio/video player setting for Linux is mplayer
  • Misc screen bugfix for Linux
  • Removed defunct Zooqle
  • Removed audio player playlists along with H2 database dependency
  • Less threads, less memory usage, more thread pool reusage for background UI related tasks
  • Express VPN detection fixed for Windows
  • DEV: New SearchPerformer.isDDOSProtectionActive() logic used in unit tests
  • CI: jdk19 tests
  • CI: telluride tests do not run in CI
  • CI: all search performers have tests

— FrostWire Team Fri, 3 Mar 2023 10:43:00 -0600

New FrostWire for Android 2.6.3


FrostWire 2.6.3 build 711 – JAN/31/2023

  • com.chaquo.python:gradle:14.0.2
  • python:yt_dlp-2023.1.6
  • python:Brotli-1.0.7
  • python: pycryptodomex-3.9.4
  • python: websockets-10.4
  • explicit declared androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-viewmodel:2.5.1 to avoid conflicts
  • explicit declared androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-viewmodel-ktx:2.5.1 to avoid conflicts
  • androidx.exifinterface:exifinterface:1.3.5
  • MainApplication onCreate logs yt_dlp version

New FrostWire-JMPlayer 1.5.0

The underlying music and video player that comes with FrostWire for Desktop has received an update after 1 year.

The next FrostWire for Desktop will come with our custom build of MPlayer, called FrostWire-JMPlayer.
Source Code here

If you need binaries for Mac (arm64, x86_64) or for Windows (x86_64) to include in your own app or for whatever purposes, here are our latest builds

fwplayer.exe (6.81 MB)
fwplayer_osx.x86_64 (7.34MB)
fwplayer_osx.arm64 (13,5MB)

This build features Mplayer “Hope” 1.5.0, the latest source code available on the FFmpeg repository as of January 17th 2023 and it’s been built with OpenSSL 1.1.1s

New Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 24

It’s great to see the latest build of the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader, build 24, which now offers faster video downloads from popular websites that previously slowed download speeds. This is a significant improvement for users who rely on the tool to download videos from their favorite websites.


One of the key updates in this build is the inclusion of yt_dlp-2023.1.2, a powerful library for downloading web videos. This update allows users to more easily download videos from many video websites, even if the website has implemented throttling measures to slow down download speeds.

In addition to the yt_dlp library, build 24 also includes astroid-2.12.13, a static analysis tool for Python code. This tool can help developers identify and fix issues in their code, leading to more stable and reliable software.

For developers, this build also includes updates to several key tools, including pip-22.3.1, pyinstaller-5.7.0, and pylint-2.15.9. These updates ensure that the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader is built using the latest and most reliable tools, further improving the stability and performance of the software.

Overall, the latest build of the Telluride Cloud Video Downloader looks like a solid update that offers significant improvements for both users and developers. The inclusion of the newest version of the yt_dlp library will make it easier for users to download videos from popular websites, while the updates to development tools will ensure that the software is reliable and stable.

We look forward to seeing what you think, this new telluride release will be included in the upcoming version of FrostWire across all platforms, including Android.

New FrostWire for Desktop 6.9.10 w/Java 19 and Telluride 23, better performance, stability and more video downloading website compatibility

Free image by Fred Russo

Windows Installer (x86_64)

macOS Installers (x86_64 and arm64)
frostwire-6.9.10-x86_64.dmg (x86_64)
frostwire-6.9.10-arm64.dmg (arm64/M1/M2)

Linux Installers (x86_64)


frostwire (6.9.10) stable; urgency=high

  • Java Runtime Environment 19.0.1
  • telluride build 23
  • supports TikTok, IG Reels, YT Stories backups and many more video website downloads than before
  • com.squareup.okhttp:4.10.0
  • dev: org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter:5.9.0

— FrostWire Team Tue, 18 Oct 2022 21:38:00 -0600

With Java 19 we’ll be able to start experimenting with Virtual Threads which will provide us more efficient ways to do tasks in parallel by using considerably less memory, it also allows us to replace many simple classes for Records which should help us reduce boilerplate code and reduce the code base to some extent.

With this release we managed to remove almost all code warnings presented by java 18 and below compilers and only have one deprecation warning in our “””common” codebase, which will be waiting to be fixed once Java for Android catches up with Java for desktop.