FrostWire 新酷线5.5.6:搜寻速度更快,与archive.org整合以及进一步支援中文语言




新的酷线5.5.6 大幅修改了搜寻技术,借助了安卓版本的代码,可提升中央处理器及记忆体用量的效率,从而减少电池使用量;亦可在较不稳定的网络上得到更快反应时间。

与网际网路档案馆Internet Archive的搜寻应用程序接口整合,酷线用户从此可以存取世界上最大的公用领域线上资料库,以及网上的知识共享作品。超过7百万的作品已被编入索引中,数量还在每天增加中。是次版本更新发布让酷线团队梦想成真!我们深信全球用户都会获益于更深入更广润的内容。



FrostWire (5.5.6) 稳定

*新功能:包含archive.org的搜寻结果。 已编引了过百万公用领域及网上的知识共享作品。

* 新功能:透用拖放便可排序播放清单

* 修正漏洞:修正多个空指针错误及冲突

* 修正漏洞:修正有关错误读取bitrate字串资料的渲染问题

* 升级:(开发人员) 在酷线安卓版及酷线电脑版都使用了 “frostwire-commons” 内的源码。


* 升级:改善万国码的中文字支援。

* 升级:播放器升级,支援万国码档案播放。


*升级:从资料库存取mp3. mp4.的资讯更快捷,制作播放清单比从前更快。

* 升级:更明显的Wi-Fi分享图示。

* 升级:广播电台资料库升级。

* 升级:上传当档到档案库的速度快达20%。

* 升级:视频播放器升级,提供更高享受。


*修正漏洞:在挤塞的本地网络上,点对点wi-fi 共享比以前使用少84%的系统资源。解决了手提电脑用户遇到系统缓慢及电源用量的问题。

*修正漏洞:X11 相关错误纠正

* 修正漏洞:正在共享的档案,包括正在做种子的档

* 修正漏洞:有关万国码的资料库搜寻事宜。

Would you donate part of your p2p bandwidth to proxy Google searches to China?

It’s come to our attention the situation between China and Google recently. A snappy business developer would probably be on standby to setup several web proxy sites to let Chinese users access Google and make money on advertisement. However, Web Proxies can also be hunted down by Chinese authorities and all of that traffic can easily be blocked as well.

This made us think that this would be an excellent use of the FrostWire P2P network, a network that virtually can’t be shutdown due to it’s decentralized nature.

FrostWire users outside China have unrestricted access to Google, FrostWire could implement a “P2P Google Search” to proxy keyword searches coming from China to Google servers and back.

It would be very hard if not impossible to filter this traffic which could come from nameless ip addresses from all over the world. Even if they would ban in China to avoid the installation of our client in China, Chinese users could still download FrostWire from thousands of mirrors and from the p2p network itself.

If the Chinese government were to completely ban all DNS requests to all Google domains, would you be willing to donate a part of your FrostWire P2P bandwidth to proxy Google Search Requests?

Hopefully China and Google will be able to resolve their issues and this won’t be necessary, but options will exist to keep offering a free internet to everybody in the planet.

About FrostWire
FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. FrostWire is written in Java, and is a fork of LimeWire, another popular Gnutella client from which it was originally born. Released under the GNU General Public License, FrostWire is free software.

FrostWire’s BitTorrent engine is powered by Vuze (Azureus) Technology