Configuring your Eclipse Build Path to build FrostWire

Everytime I setup eclipse in Windows I end up wasting about 30 minutes configuring the build path to get rid of all errors, here’s a self-reference post that you can also use to configure your Eclipse and get it ready to hack and patch FrostWire.

Source Tab
Add frostwire/core folder
Exclude: examples/**
Native library location: frostwire/lib/native/windows

Add frostwire/gui folder
Exclude: com/limegroup/gnutella/gui/Mac*.java; macosx; plugins; windows;
Native library location: frostwire/lib/native/windows

Add frostwire/gui/windows folder (nested, yes)

Libraries Tab
Add all jars in lib/jars, frostwire/dist, frostwire/components/all/dist

Order and Export Tab
Elements should be ordered as follows:

1. frostwire/core folder
2. frostwire/gui folder
3. frostwire/gui/windows folder
4. JRE System
5. lw-all.jar
6. FrostWire.jar
… Rest of jars.