FrostWire shares over 1/2 million free legal downloads via BitTorrent

At the end of November 2008 the FrostWire and FrostClick team set out on a mission to find talented unsigned and indie artists and labels that were willing to share their music under a Creative Commons license or for some form of free distribution agreement.

We’re proud to announce that today March, 31st 2008, we’ve been able to share over 500,000 copies of free music and video. The amount of data shared so far is well over 47 Terabytes, at absolutely no cost to the content creators. Another plus of this content being shared over FrostWire is that all this content now has thousands of seeds in Gnutella as well, where it’s now available to millions of Gnutella users.

  Name Type Completed Downloads
1 ESPSIX “Collection of House Music” Music 67,190
2 Back ELement, A Major Minority Music 60,553
3 Ray Sytes, Guyanese Pride Music 49,672
4 Farkus, Thought you should know Music 41,184
5 Cartel, Tha Throwback Music 38,944
6 Matt Pond, The Freeep Music 38,447
7 Sean Fournier, Oh My Music 35,374
8 Brad Sucks, Out of It Music 34,758
9 Mike Falzone, Fun With Honesty Music 32,256
10 Audra Hardt, Superficial Superstar Music 30,447
11 K Sparks and DJ Pajozo, Definition Music 25,754
12 Tiara Wiles, This is Tiara Music 19,724
13 Big Buck Bunny High Definition Short Film/3D Animation 19,088
14 Sagaboy, Evolution Music 13,670
15 Georgia Wonder, Hello Stranger Music 4,995 (*)

If you are an artist or content creator willing to share some of your work for free so that others experiment and get to know your work you should take a look at the requirements to be promoted on FrostClick and FrostWire.

(*) Georgia Wonder’s Torrent file was hosted and tracked by The Pirate Bay, therefore we don’t have the number of completed downloads.
We know it was a very popular torrent the week of the promotion because it was among the top 20 seeded music torrents.
This torrent also was also published to the Mininova tracker where it shows another 9,232 completed downloads as of March 31st, 2009.

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ESPSIX makes us dance this week on FrostWire

ESPSIX is an awesome DJ/Composer from Czech Republic that shares his music under Creative Commons. After the FrostClick team showed it to us it was a no brainer to feature ESPSIX on FrostWire, it’s an absolute must to have it on your iPod and we recommend that you download it and share it with your friends with FrostWire.

ESPSIX has broken all FrostWire download records so far, in only 10 days the album has been shared by over 50,000 people, transferring over 4 Terabytes of data on the BitTorrent network alone.

Here’s a special message from ESPSIX himself:

Hi there!
I’m Espsix – a DJ and composer from Czech Republic. I generally create varieties of house music like Discohouse, Funkyhouse, Clubhouse, Electrohouse, but also experiment with nujazz or nufunk. One of my newest nujazz/funk tracks is also included in this Espsix collection.

One of my newest discohouse tracks – “Discore” – is for now only available with this torrent download exclusively from Frostwire.

I started composing about 3 years ago on a simple DJ Software running on Linux. Now I am using FL Studio utilizing free and/or creative commons beats. I am not your typical DJ either – I don’t perform in clubs – I am more of a composer creating house music and giving it away to whomever wants to hear it.

All my music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, which means it is totally free for you to listen to, share with friends and remix. If create any derivative works, remember to share under the same license and give me credit. If you would like to use it commercially, you have to contact me to licensing details (and no, it is not free if you intend to make money on it!).

You can find more about this Creative Commons license at

Did you like this album? You can learn more about Espsix, make a donation, write a review & discover similar albums (and more!) on – a great site with great free and legal music.

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