A New FrostWire 6.1.2 for PC, MacOSX and Linux is yours to download.

Download Installers on FrostWire’s Official Website
Download Installers and SourceCode on GitHub

Screenshot of Changelog in Github.com

Full Changelog:

frostwire (6.1.2) stable; urgency=high
  * Search performance improvements. New RxJava-based implementation.
  * Search box suggestions improved.
  * New Check/uncheck all search engines checkbox.
  * TorLock search fixed.
  * Added SSL (https) support for torrent web seeds.
  * Options window remembers last pane opened.
  * Fixes painting issues when searching Starred audio files on the library.
  * frostwire-jlibtorrent library updates.
  * Library user experience bug fixes.
 -- FrostWire Team   Wed, 24 Jun 2015 11:44:00 -0500

New FrostWire 5.7.7 available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Contributors now earn bitcoins instantaneously.

Download FrostWire 5.7.7 for Windows (Bitcoin enabled .torrent)
Download FrostWire 5.7.7 for MacOSX (.torrent)
Download FrostWire 5.7.7 for Debian/Ubuntu (.torrent)

This update focuses on fixing multiple user interface issues, mostly related to the media player. Libraries were updated, a nasty freeze when opening FrostWire out of a magnet link has finally been fixed, and new linux collaborators have given some love to our codebase.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.50.11 AM

Like on Android, you can now fully stop the player
by long pressing the Play/Pause player button.

FrostWire now has a new feature in which it tries to detect wether or not you are using a VPN connection to warn you about the possibility of your privacy being at risk.

We recommend that whenever you are online you connect to the internet using an encrypted VPN connection to protect your identity and your privacy.

Build & Fix FrostWire, get paid in Bitcoins immediatly
If you are a developer/translator/graphic designer, you should know that now you can earn bitcoins when your patches and contributions are merged to the master branches of our open source projects on github.

You will automatically receive Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet, you just need to have a github account and a tip4commit account where you can register your Bitcoin wallet address. Payments are sent within minutes of your patches being merged.

FrostWire Bitcoin donations are being diverted into our main open source projects frostwire-desktop, frostwire-android, frostwire-common and frostwire-jlibtorrent.

Each merged commit gets 1% of what’s left on each fund.

Preparing for FrostWire 6

We are hard at work on the next generation of FrostWire 6, if you paid attention to the names of our repositories, or if you follow this blog, you may have read about the frostwire-jlibtorrent project. We have made a full featured Java wrapper API out of the C++ libtorrent library and the results of our tests have been phenomenal. We’re currently replacing all of our Bittorrent core for one that uses libtorrent and we’re pretty sure you will feel the difference.

Join the FrostWire Beta Testers group to help us release a steady FrostWire 6.


frostwire (5.7.7) stable; urgency=high
  * New: VPN connection status indicator.
  * New: Stop media playback by long pressing play/pause button.
  * Fix: Freeze when opening FrostWire from the first time out of
    clicking on a magnet link or .torrent file.
  * Fix: Bug where files couldn't be played with the main player button.
  * Fix: Bug where the speaker icon on the library would still show
    after the media player had stopped.
  * Fix: Bug after 5.7.5 in which the buttons of the Create Torrent
    dialog were not visible unless the window was resized.
  * Fixes issue on Linux when player window pixel translucency could
    not be set. Thanks @foutrelis.
  * Fixes Null Pointer Exception when trying to shutdown and hide
    an MPlayerWindow that may have not been instantiated.
  * Fixes issue where user could not create new playlist by dropping
    songs from existing playlist into 'New Playlist' list item in
    the library.
  * Updated MigLayout source code to version 4.0

 -- FrostWire Team <contact@frostwire.com>  Wed, 01 October 2014 17:00:00 -0500

Is FrostWire Safe?

FrostWire – free at http://www.frostwire.com – is a file sharing
application and media hub.

FrostWire, as a stand-alone application, is 100% safe to use. FrostWire
itself will not install any viruses, adware, malware or spyware. But is
there a way you can get your computer in trouble while using FrostWire?

FrostWire connects to other computers & online servers to find the
content you are looking for. FrostWire does not itself create, host or
control the content it finds on the internet – the same way internet
browsers do not create, host, or control the websites & files you view
and download through them. There are some safeguards in place to
recognize and prevent malicious content from showing up in the search
results, but none are perfect. Before you download a file:

1) Check if the file size makes sense for the content type you wish
to download
2) Check the Source link to see file comments other
users have left on the hosting website and most importantly, if you
are a Windows user and do anything online, always
3) Make sure you have an up-to-date anti-virus software installed
and you check any file you download before opening it.

Music Credit: “The Big House” by Jason Shaw


Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY)

FrostWire 5.6.x alpha screenshots

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.06.59 PM

New Application Header.

Search is the core feature of the app, now there’s a single search box in the application, depending on the context it will search the internet (soon locally WiFi shared files by FrostWire instances, desktop or android), or your local Library files.

Also notice the improved unicode support on the song title showing Chinese characters.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.07.32 PM

Now we let you know something we always did, FrostWire always searches for all kinds of files, in the past this wasn’t obvious. See the number of search results per file type shown at the top of the search results, click on those buttons to show the found files for that type.

More search filters are available if you click where it says “Show Options”

A lot of eye candy coming to those search result rows, still alpha.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.08.40 PM

One search box to rule them all.

Now the upper search box can be used to search within the library, something that wasn’t very obvious in the past.

EXPERIMENTAL: FrostWire running on OUYA

Download Experimental Build for OUYA

It was a painless journey to get FrostWire to run on OUYA. We just had to add a line on the application manifest and an image so it’d be shown on the OUYA’s “Play” section.

As of now, this experimental build will let you perform downloads, we still have not plugged a keyboard to our OUYA so we couldn’t test search, but we think it should work just fine.

To install you will need to have the Android Development Toolkit installed on your computer.

You can install the apk, simply by connecting the OUYA to your computer via USB, and invoking

adb install frostwire.1.0.8.build90.ouya.apk

Then plug the OUYA to your TV and you should see FrostWire on the Play section ready to be used.

Here are some screenshots of our test run




FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-02 FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-03FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-04

Yay, FrostWire on the TV



FrostWire 新酷线5.5.6:搜寻速度更快,与archive.org整合以及进一步支援中文语言




新的酷线5.5.6 大幅修改了搜寻技术,借助了安卓版本的代码,可提升中央处理器及记忆体用量的效率,从而减少电池使用量;亦可在较不稳定的网络上得到更快反应时间。

与网际网路档案馆Internet Archive的搜寻应用程序接口整合,酷线用户从此可以存取世界上最大的公用领域线上资料库,以及网上的知识共享作品。超过7百万的作品已被编入索引中,数量还在每天增加中。是次版本更新发布让酷线团队梦想成真!我们深信全球用户都会获益于更深入更广润的内容。



FrostWire (5.5.6) 稳定

*新功能:包含archive.org的搜寻结果。Archive.org 已编引了过百万公用领域及网上的知识共享作品。

* 新功能:透用拖放便可排序播放清单

* 修正漏洞:修正多个空指针错误及冲突

* 修正漏洞:修正有关错误读取bitrate字串资料的渲染问题

* 升级:(开发人员) 在酷线安卓版及酷线电脑版都使用了 “frostwire-commons” 内的源码。


* 升级:改善万国码的中文字支援。

* 升级:播放器升级,支援万国码档案播放。


*升级:从资料库存取mp3. mp4.的资讯更快捷,制作播放清单比从前更快。

* 升级:更明显的Wi-Fi分享图示。

* 升级:广播电台资料库升级。

* 升级:上传当档到档案库的速度快达20%。

* 升级:视频播放器升级,提供更高享受。


*修正漏洞:在挤塞的本地网络上,点对点wi-fi 共享比以前使用少84%的系统资源。解决了手提电脑用户遇到系统缓慢及电源用量的问题。

*修正漏洞:X11 相关错误纠正

* 修正漏洞:正在共享的档案,包括正在做种子的档

* 修正漏洞:有关万国码的资料库搜寻事宜。

FrostWire 5.5.4 changelog

Free FrostWire 5.5.4 Download Now
In Geek speak, here are the full changes for FrostWire 5.5.4, released on Thursday, Feb. 21 2013.

frostwire (5.5.4) stable; urgency=high
  * New Feature: extract audio (.m4a) from (.mp4) videos on right click.
  * New Core Feature: HTTP resumeable large transfer support.
  * Upgrade: Default save folder for cloud downloads is updated without 
  * Upgrade: 'Repeat song' playback mode now available.
  * Upgrade: Enriched promotion display, now with audio and video previews and
    shortcuts to content creator's social media channels/streams.
  * Upgrade: binary compatibility improved for Windows releases.
  * Bug fix: if default save folder is changed it's now part of library scanned
  * Bug fix: smart search engine wasn't notifying when it was done if there
    were no results.
  * Bug fix: several crashes and errors fixed.
  * Bug fix: partial download dialog for cloud downloads would sometimes appear
  * Bug fix: out of memory error by UPnP-cling creating an infinite number
    of threads.
 -- FrostWire Team   Thu, 21 Feb 2013 14:38:57 -0500

Download the New FrostWire 5.5.1 and make your CPU happy

Download FrostWire Now

DOWNLOAD NOW, it’s free.

Got stickers yet?
TAG and let let others know there’s a near by FrostWire Wi-Fi sharing area.

What we fixed on 5.5.1:

frostwire (5.5.1) stable; urgency=high
  * New Clear Inactive button on transfers.
  * New setting to use the default system media player instead of
  * New Download Cloud URLs, Torrents and Magnets by entering
    urls on the search field.
  * New toggle full screen video playback with double click.
  * Enhancement: Library file tables now show file modified date field and
    files are sorted by it in descending order so user can easily find
    newest files added to the library.
  * Enhancement: Playlist tables now show the track number column and
    are by default sorted by it in ascending order to enjoy
    albums in the order they were meant to be heard by the content
  * Enhancement: mime type guessing is faster when sharing files on Wi-Fi
  * Bug fix: Library was getting confused with file extensions as part of file names.
  * Bug fix: sharing/unsharing popup menu behavior while sharing on Wi-Fi
  * Bug fix: resizing issues on preview download dialogs.
  * Bug fix: filtering on torrent detail dialog was broken.
  * Bug fix: Library continuous playback working from play button.
  * Bug fix: Cloud download error fixed.
  * Bug fix: Media lib unicode issue.

 -- FrostWire Team   Mon, 10 Dec 2012 20:00:00 -0500