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We’re glad to announce a new release of FrostWire Plus for Android. This new version has some improvements of graphical user interface, a better performing of search engines, and we also fixed some crash problems. Also, we updated translations in many languages.

Remember that it’s important to always use our latest release. You can download it for free on our website.


FrostWire 1.8.5 – NOV/22/2016
– Search engines updates
– http updates
– Music Player controls available on lock screen notification for Android 5.0 and above
– Normalized look of scrollbars on music player
– UI updates on expanded player notification, play button available, expanded form has white background
– Translation updates: Indonesian, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese
– jlibtorrent
– jlibtorrent upgrades to openssl-1.1.0c
– Crash fixes

What is FrostWire?

FrostWire, a BitTorrent Client & YouTube Downloader that makes it easier to search, download, play and share content from the BitTorrent network & cloud sources, all in one place.

New FrostWire 1.4.4 build 169 for Android available today

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Lots of fixes for performance, stability and better user experience await on this new update. If you were having issues with YouTube search this release fixes these issues and others.

Here is the full changelog for FrostWire 1.4.4 build 168 for Android.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.37.14 PM

FrostWire 1.4.4 - JANUARY/29/2015
- Finished transfers no longer should show as paused.
- Fixes issue adding a whole torrent after having added a single
file belonging to that same torrent to transfers. Now the whole
torrent will be downloaded as expected.
- Fixes Out of memory errors on MobileCore library.
- Fixes possible crash when exiting the app right after launching it.
- If storage location has ran out of space available FrostWire
will show a descriptive error message explaining why the download
has failed.
- Removes free apps ads from home page and sticky ads on transfer screens.
- Fixes issue where toast about shared file would not go away.
- Fixes settings screen issue where some android devices would automatically
toggle the BitTorrent connection.
- Fixes issues with YouTube search.
- Urdu translation started.


FrostWire is a free, open source BitTorrent client first released in September 2004, as a fork of LimeWire. It was initially very similar to LimeWire in appearance and functionality, but over time developers added more features, including BitTorrent support. In version 5, Gnutella support was dropped entirely, and FrostWire is only a BitTorrent client. Development of the program has been active since the program was first released in September 2004.