A New FrostWire 6.1.2 for PC, MacOSX and Linux is yours to download.

Download Installers on FrostWire’s Official Website
Download Installers and SourceCode on GitHub

Screenshot of Changelog in Github.com

Full Changelog:

frostwire (6.1.2) stable; urgency=high
  * Search performance improvements. New RxJava-based implementation.
  * Search box suggestions improved.
  * New Check/uncheck all search engines checkbox.
  * TorLock search fixed.
  * Added SSL (https) support for torrent web seeds.
  * Options window remembers last pane opened.
  * Fixes painting issues when searching Starred audio files on the library.
  * frostwire-jlibtorrent library updates.
  * Library user experience bug fixes.
 -- FrostWire Team   Wed, 24 Jun 2015 11:44:00 -0500

New FrostWire 6.0.6 out for Windows, Mac and Linux

Download from FrostWire’s Official Website
Download Binaries and Source from Github
Download from SourceForge.net


frostwire (6.0.6) stable; urgency=high
* Fixes bug where default save location for torrents would not be accounted for.
* New: When changing default save location, any ongoing torrent transfers are
moved to the new location.
* Romanian and Finnish translation updates.
* New: Option to turn off Bittorrent DHT.
* YT search upgrades.
* New: Supports shortened y2u.be url searches.
* OSX: When shutting down to start the installer for an update
now the window is focused to make sure the user doesn’t get lost during the
update process.

— FrostWire Team Thu, 17 February 2015 14:44:30 -0500

FrostWire 6.0.1 released. Available now for download.

We can proudly say this is the leanest, and fastest FrostWire release we’ve ever made, and we’re only getting started with the performance improvements.

Download it now for free from the Official FrostWire Website:

Windows installer
MacOSX installer (64-bit)
Ubuntu (.deb) installer (64-bit)
RPM installer (64-bit)
TAR.GZ installer (64-bit)

The most fundamental upgrade about the 6.x series is the complete removal of the Azureus Torrent engine, we’ve replaced it with frostwire-jlibtorrent, a Java wrapper of the powerful libtorrent library.

The performance benefits are very palpable on search, downloads and other aspects of the application.

Having Libtorrent under the hood will allow us to continue working on the enablement of advanced features for expert BitTorrent users.

We’d like to invite everyone out there to benchmark FrostWire 5.7.7 against FrostWire 6.0.0 and let us know what they find, we’d love to make FrostWire 6 superior in every respect to the FrostWire 5 series.

Contributors are needed to keep moving the project forward at a faster face, we are now converting donations received into bitcoins which are deposited into a “Tip for commit” fund. All the contributions accepted into the project automatically trigger tips to the authors in bitcoins.

Anybody can help, you don’t need a bank account, or paypal account to receive your tips, all you need is a free Bitcoin wallet which is software you can download to your smartphone or PC, tips are effective immediatly after contributions are merged to the frostwire-desktop, frostwire-common, frostwire-jlibtorrent, and frostwire-android projects.


frostwire (6.0.0) stable; urgency=high


  • New BitTorrent engine based on frostwire-jlibtorrent, a libtorrent wrapper api created by FrostWire.
  • Fixes EzTV search, now with https support.
  • Multiple bug fixes.
  • Improved OS event handling in MacOSX.
  • Extensive cleanup.
  • Fixes issues opening .torrents and magnets outside of FrostWire.


  • Icons, buttons and other user interface details refreshed.


— FrostWire Team contact@frostwire.com Mon, 10 November 2014 18:18:00 -0500

FrostWire 6.0.0 running on Ubuntu Linux

FrostWire 6.0.0 running on MacOSX

New FrostWire File Downloader 1.3.0 for Android out

Install FrostWire now on your Android, 100% Free

A new major release of FrostWire for Android (1.3.0) is finally out after 5 long months of coding and testing. Thanks to everyone supporting the project! be it with code, translations, spreading the word or sending donations, without you this release wouldn’t be possible.

The most important changes done in this release have a lot to do with the Bittorrent core engine, significant improvements in memory handling (less unexpected crashes due to out of memory errors, and the app should feel a lot snappier than 1.2.2 when you switch screens and scroll through search results) and lots of details related to user experience.

BitTorrent Improvements

The entire BitTorrent core was replaced with the latest stable source code from the Azureus Project, during this integration we enabled a few features that we didn’t have before on Android, the most important ones being:

  1. uTP support (which helps FrostWire deal better with packet congestion issues resulting in a better Internet experience on your phone/tablet, even while you’re downloading seeding)
  2. DHT and Magnet support while on Wi-Fi. DHT/Magnet support was there but turned off as it doesn’t really work as expected when you are connected to the Internet via 3G/4G. After 1.3.0 we turn it on when you are connected on Wi-Fi networks, sort of a best-as-you-can approach.
  3. Now that we have DHT/Magnet support, we’ve added several popular Torrent/Magnet search indexes, so you will be getting a lot more search results than before if you are connected to Wi-Fi. Some of the search engines now available are: TPB, Torrents.fm, Monova and Yify.
  4. We’ve joined uTorrent in its initiaive to lower times while connecting to a swarm (which leads to faster downloads for everyone) and to avoid the possibility for a DDoS attack on swarms by implementing the BEP 040 proposal for “Canonical Peer Priority” when selecting what peers to connect to using a new peer prioritization algorithm.

User Interface/User Experience Improvements

The “Transfers” screen got a lot of love.


  • You can now paste a magnet URI or .torrent URI to start a transfer from it.
  • Magnet URI Support. FrostWire will now start magnet downloads if you click on a magnet on a web browser
  • Smart Pause/Resume transfer. If you move from a Wi-Fi connection to a 3G/4G network, FrostWire will take a look at your preferences and if you don’t want to use BitTorrent while on a mobile network, we’ll automatically pause those transfers for you, if you come back to any other Wi-Fi network we’ll automatically resume those transfers for you.
  • Transfers can now be filtered by their status (All, Downloading, Completed)
  • Updated icons and new buttons for context menus, the downward arrow we used to have was a bit confusing when compared to the “+” to expand multiple-file transfers.

Other user experience improvements include search result thumbnails (when available), making the search experience more intuitive and less Reading-Intensive if you recognize the thumbnail of what you are looking for.

FrostClick/FrostWire promotional images are now displayed the same way across all devices when you first open the app, please support these artists by downloading and seeding their free content, you might discover a favorite new artist to follow.

You can get FrostWire for Android 1.3.0 on Google Play or on our website
(submission pending for the Amazon App Market)

Full Changelog

FrostWire 1.3.0 - APR/30/2014
 - Upgraded BitTorrent engine with latest code from Azureus project.
 - Added uTP packet congestion support.
 - Added Canonical Peer Priority support. (BEP40)
 - Upgraded Android SDK target to Ice Cream Sandwich's API (15 - Android 4.0.3).
   Users on Android devices running older versions will have to use FrostWire 1.2.3
   or upgrade their operating system to +4.0.3 to receive further updates.
 - Removed cling library for Local peer discovery, switched to JmDNS compatible with
   frostwire for desktop 5.7.1.
 - Considerable memory handling improvements, lots of leaks fixed which should lead
   to very little out of memory errors from crashing the app.
 - Added optional sponsored search results by Appia.
 - Minor upgrades to audio player and Frostclick.com's free promotional downloads.
 - Added TPB, Torrents.fm, Monova and Yify search. Search results available only when on a Wi-Fi connection.
 - Magnet URI support when touching a magnet link on a web site.
 - Paste a magnet or .torrent URI on the Transfers screen to start a download.
 - Some search results now have image thumbnails. More coming.
 - When internet connection is dropped, ongoing transfers are automatically paused and
   restored when internet connection comes back.
 - Corrected file sizes on SoundCloud search results.
 - Multiple bug fixes.

Early Access: Download New FrostWire 5.6.3 build 4

If you download one of these, you’re probably among our early adopter crowd
FrostWire 5.6.3 for Mac (build 4)
FrostWire 5.6.3 for Windows (build 4)
FrostWire 5.6.3 for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint
FrostWire 5.6.3 for Linux RPM


Updates in plain english

We’ve fixed a bug that would disable the internet search box after sending a file to a friend (woops, fixed!)

Now you can preview audio files that come in search results from archive.org, wohoo!

Now when you download a single audio file that belongs to a torrent with many files, you can decide wether or not to seed it (even if you have seeding turned on).
If you check Tools > BitTorrent, you will see a new checkbox under to configure this behavior. We added this because, if you seed handpicked files, you’re often will find yourself seeding 2 other incomplete files and this tends to confuse the hell out of new bittorrent users. So, if you’re a good advanced bittorrent user you can still seed handpicked files (aka “partial downloads”). We also used the ocassion to change the wording to “Handpicked” instead of “Partial Download” which was also confusing a lot of people thinking that downloads were not finished even though they were.

We’ve also added a new mechanism so that you can have your frostwire configuration folder on a custom location.

Full changelog so far

frostwire (5.6.3) stable; urgency=high
  * New Feature: Preview audio search results from Archive.org.
  * New Feature: Decide wether or not to seed handpicked files
    of torrents (aka Partial Downloads).
  * New Hacker Feature: Change the location of FrostWire's settings folder.
    Great if you want to install FrostWire on a removable disk and
    you want to maintain settings and download states.
  * Fixes bug where the internet search box would be disabled after
    sending file to friend.
 -- FrostWire Team   Wed, 31 Jul 2013 12:14:13 -0500

HACK: How to change the location of your FrostWire settings folder

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.31.24 PM

This post is for advanced users who might not be happy with the default location of the FrostWire configuration folder (as of this generation of frostwire it’s called “.frostwire5” and it resides somewhere on your home folder since FrostWire will create it the first time it runs)

Maybe you don’t like folders on your home folder, maybe you keep all your configuration folders elsewhere, maybe you want to install FrostWire and keep it running on a external drive or USB stick, we’ve coded this just for you.

the “.meta” file

You will need to create a new file called “.meta” and place it next to your FrostWire executable wherever it may be.

For Windows users, this has to be on the same folder as in FrostWire.exe exists.

For Mac users, this will be inside “FrostWire.app/Contents/MacOS/” wherever your FrostWire.app may be.

For Linux users, this will be wherever your frostwire.sh and frostwire.jar files may be, in Ubuntu the default location is /usr/share/frostwire

Here’s an example of how that might look for an external drive:

#FrostWire .meta configuration file example (works only after FrostWire 5.6.3)
#meta settings for windows

#meta settings for mac osx

#meta settings for linux/unix

NOTICE 1: Notice how we’ve created different setting folder locations for each operating system. If you want to avoid conflicts and “Data file missing” errors with your ongoing downloads, you might want to keep separate configurations for different operating systems (if you’re running frostwire off a removable disk for example).
Update (Sep 22th 2013) After FrostWire 5.6.5 you will be able to share the same settings directory for all operating systems, no more issues of “Data file missing”. Also we recommend that in the case of user.settings.dir.windows you use a relative file path, since mounting the USB drive on different computers might result in file paths starting with different letters, e.g. e:\, f:\, g:\…

NOTICE 2: You might want to keep a copy of your “.meta” file elsewhere, next time your FrostWire is updated it will certainly delete everything inside the folder containing binaries. All your configuration files (except .meta) and downloaded files will remain untouched (as always) after any updates.

NOTICE 3: No need to create configuration pair for operating systems you won’t use FrostWire on.

If you’re running FrostWire on an external drive we recommend that you point your “root_folder” (the place where all main default download folders go to) to be the same across different OSes, so that you can finish downloads that you may have started on a computer with say Windows (at work), on another that runs MacOSX (home), you will just have to restart the torrent, but since the data files will be on the expected location, it’ll pick up right where it left (we find this awesome)

configuration keys
(Where <osname> can be any of ‘windows’,’mac’,’posix’.)

user.settings.dir.<osname> the location where FrostWire will look for/create a settings folder which keeps track of all preferences and ongoing transfers.

user.settings.root_folder.<osname> the location of the default root downloads folder. Here FrostWire will create a “Downloads”, “From Device” and “Torrents” folders. The “Downloads” is the default save location, but you can change it in the BitTorrent settings later. “From Device” is where all files downloaded via Wi-Fi sharing will go, and “Torrents”, is where FrostWire will keep the .torrent files of transfers you start out of Bittorrent search results.

File paths can be either relative or absolute.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.