EXPERIMENTAL: FrostWire running on OUYA

Download Experimental Build for OUYA

It was a painless journey to get FrostWire to run on OUYA. We just had to add a line on the application manifest and an image so it’d be shown on the OUYA’s “Play” section.

As of now, this experimental build will let you perform downloads, we still have not plugged a keyboard to our OUYA so we couldn’t test search, but we think it should work just fine.

To install you will need to have the Android Development Toolkit installed on your computer.

You can install the apk, simply by connecting the OUYA to your computer via USB, and invoking

adb install frostwire.1.0.8.build90.ouya.apk

Then plug the OUYA to your TV and you should see FrostWire on the Play section ready to be used.

Here are some screenshots of our test run




FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-02 FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-03FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-04

Yay, FrostWire on the TV



Configuring your Eclipse Build Path to build FrostWire

Everytime I setup eclipse in Windows I end up wasting about 30 minutes configuring the build path to get rid of all errors, here’s a self-reference post that you can also use to configure your Eclipse and get it ready to hack and patch FrostWire.

Source Tab
Add frostwire/core folder
Exclude: examples/**
Native library location: frostwire/lib/native/windows

Add frostwire/gui folder
Exclude: com/limegroup/gnutella/gui/Mac*.java; macosx; plugins; windows;
Native library location: frostwire/lib/native/windows

Add frostwire/gui/windows folder (nested, yes)

Libraries Tab
Add all jars in lib/jars, frostwire/dist, frostwire/components/all/dist

Order and Export Tab
Elements should be ordered as follows:

1. frostwire/core folder
2. frostwire/gui folder
3. frostwire/gui/windows folder
4. JRE System
5. lw-all.jar
6. FrostWire.jar
… Rest of jars.