New FrostWire for Android 1.1.2 out

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A new FrostWire for Android is out, it fixes multiple crashes and uses several megabytes less of memory, it should perform better than ever, users with older Android models should feel the improvement. Issues with soundcloud search have been fixed. New user interface elements regarding Wi-Fi sharing. Now you can fully stop the audio player by long pressing on the pause button.

The Beautiful Kellee Maize representing FrostWire with a FrostWire Tee

Final Changelog

FrostWire 1.1.2 – SEP/03/2013
– Removed offers during installation to comply with new Google Play guidelines.
– New: Stop music playback completely by long pressing the play/pause button.
– New: Audio Player menu now has “Delete this track” feature, get rid of songs
you don’t like on your device next time you come across them and keep playing.
– New: Turn on/off wifi sharing from Wi-Fi sharing screen. Turning off Wi-Fi
sharing results in considerable battery savings since the radio is not being
used constantly to discover and announce to other peers on the local network.
– Sources on search results are now underlined to hint user of sourc checking feature.
– Fixes issues parsing some YouTube urls.
– Fixes soundcloud search.
– Improved memory usage and multiple memory leaks fixes will avoid a multiple
number of crashes due to out of memory errors, specially on older devices
with limited memory availability.
– Fixes issue with double memory allocation related to
first creen’s grid view.
– Fixed some memory leaks related to picasso bitmap

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Kellee Maize releases “Owl Time” exclusively on FrostWire under a Creative Commons license

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Kellee Maize and FrostWire have collaborated for the third time, in this occasion Kellee has given FrostWire the exclusive opportunity to bring you her new album “Owl Time” today 12/12/12.

If you want to know more about the album don’t miss the album review on FrostClick

Kellee Maize has licensed this album with the most permissive Creative Commons license available, giving you permission in advance to Download, Share, Remix and even use her music commercially.

Below some images of “Owl Time” on FrostWire, 



Kellee Maize “Aligned Archetype” – hottest new female MC with an original dance/hip-hop flavor

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Looking at the hot blonde on the album cover you would never suspect hearing a strong woman rapping meaningful lyrics over Baltimore club style beats. Kellee Maize original hip hop style has already helped her capture the hearts and ears of most Pittsburgh hip hop fans.

Update: Kelle Maize’s album is as of Feb, 15th 2010 the most downloaded album on FrostWire with 118,858 downloads and counting.

Now with her second album “Aligned Archetype” and a bit of help from FrostWire, Kellee is set to conquer the ears of music lovers around world. She has generously decided to distribute the album free under a CC license so her music can get to as many people as possible.

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