Mac OSX 10.8.1: FrostWire is “damaged”??? Not at all, just allow applications downloaded from everywhere.

Users that upgraded to Mac OSX 10.8 or who recently got a new Mac will probably get a nasty message that won’t let them run FrostWire.

If you see that dialog on your Mac, it’s an EVIL LIE. The App is not “damaged”, we’re not sure why Apple would lie in such a way to users instead of just letting them know that this app didn’t come from their “App Store”.

Basically the geniuses at Apple decided to impose a new setting to not let you run software that doesn’t come from their App Store (next thing we know we won’t be able to run software that doesn’t come from the App Store just like on iOS (iPhones/iPads) and people will have to jail break their desktop/laptops…*sigh*)

To solve the issue, on your mac, go to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy

and tell your Mac to open apps downloaded from everywhere, like you’ve been doing for the last… well since Macs were macs.

Let’s hope Apple won’t start forcing every app out there to be inside their App Store and then impose draconian rules to enter the App Store, this will be the beginning of the end of Mac OSX if it happens, please let users run the software they’ve downloaded on their computers.

FrostWire 4.17.2 for MacOSX

Download FrostWire 4.17.2 for MacOSX

This release for MacOSX includes some of the fixes added to Windows 4.17.2 release but it’s aimed mostly to solve some incompatibilities found on the new Macbooks and Macbook PROs.

Some Mac users had reported that FrostWire 4.17.1 would not start , we revised the previous launcher and fixed possible errors and updated the Mac OSX native libraries for improved Leopard compatibility. Also FrostWire will now refuse to be executed from the Disk Image (DMG), teaching some newly mac-converted users how they should install the application.

Torrents. Changing MIME type and File Type Associations on Mac OSX

After FrostWire 4.17.1 on MacOSX, FrostWire’s Info.plist file tells Mac OSX that FrostWire can be used as an application to open both torrent links and .torrent files.

If you like FrostWire only for Gnutella but not as a torrent client, you may probably want to have your .torrent files, and torrent links going by default to your preferred torrent client. It could also happen that another client is already set as the default torrent application, and you may want FrostWire to be the default.

The following screenshots will show you how to change the file associations and MIME type associations, which tell your web browser which application to open whenever a torrent link is clicked on.

Changing File Associations

1. Select a .torrent file

2. Right click on it and select “Get Info” (or press Command + i )

3. Select the Application you want to open it with, and click on the “Change All” button

4. All your .torrent file associations are now changed to the new program.

Changing MIME associations in Firefox
Open your Firefox “Preferences” and head to the “Applications” tab. Search for “torrent” and change the behavior. You can make it ask you every time for what application to use, or you can set a new default.

Note: If somebody knows how to change MIME type program associations in Safari, please let us know.