New FrostWire 6.9.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux (works again on Linux Mint)


Re-built jlibtorrent to solve compatibility issues with Linux distributions that don’t have the latest libc6 (Like Linux Mint, If you are a Linux Mint user you can now install the new .deb file)

Now when you paste a video URL, the search results found will show the video screen dimentions towards the left hand side of the title, this way you don’t have to resize the search result table columns to figure out which of the different formats available you need to download.

We’ve included Telluride build 10 with the freshest youtube_dl updates from this week.

Download the binaries and let us know if you have any issues

frostwire-6.9.2.amd64.deb 25.2 MB

frostwire-6.9.2.amd64.rpm 27 MB

frostwire-6.9.2.amd64.tar.gz 25.3 MB

frostwire-6.9.2.dmg 57.3 MB 48.2 MB

Source Code .zip

Source Code .tar.gz