How to tell to your Antivirus to allow FrostWire?

Have you tried to install FrosWire and your antivirus didn't allow it? In this article we will explain you how to fix that! It's important to know that FrostWire installer downloaded directly from our website ( or via automatic update doesn't contain any trojans or viruses.  When for some reason your antivirus flags FrostWire, here are … Continue reading How to tell to your Antivirus to allow FrostWire?

Get FrostWire 1.9.9 build 471!

DOWNLOAD NOW! We're still working on FrostWire 2.0, but right now we invite you to download our latest build of FrostWire 1.9.9! This new release includes a lot of fixed bugs, and quality improvements! Changelog FrostWire 1.9.9 build 471 - NOV/29/2017 - App Startup is faster - Multiple freezes fixed, memory leaks fixed, crashes fixed … Continue reading Get FrostWire 1.9.9 build 471!

FrostWire running on an #OLPC Tablet

FrostWire is a very powerful research tool, its smart file meta search can find millions of files in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses, among those, many unvaluable books, instructional videos and lectures in every academic discipline. The One Laptop Per Child project is an amazing educational initiative that has put technology in … Continue reading FrostWire running on an #OLPC Tablet