is recovering from battle wounds

To our loyal chat community and users.

We’re incredibly apologetic that our content and chat services have been inaccessible since last night due to some creative people attacking our servers all night.

We hope you can be a little patient while we bring the services back.

You can expect downtime for the next hours on:

  • (IRC)
  • (Our legal download directory)
  • (Our legal torrent tracker)

Tiara Wiles “This is Tiara” (alt. torrent location)
If you wanted to get the Tiara Wiles album (our featured torrent of the week), here’s the torrent file with plenty of seeds.

We’ll be moving and the tracker to machines far from the IRC server so that this won’t happen again.

We are working as fast as we can to get the issues solved.

PS: And to whoever hacked us, thanks for teaching us more about security, guess we were not paranoid enough and we’ve learned our lesson. And we extend a shaking hand to you, we could use the security knowledge in the team.

Update: is back online. Still working on

Update 7pm: is back up. And all the services along with it. Thanks for your patience.

Torrents. Changing MIME type and File Type Associations on Mac OSX

After FrostWire 4.17.1 on MacOSX, FrostWire’s Info.plist file tells Mac OSX that FrostWire can be used as an application to open both torrent links and .torrent files.

If you like FrostWire only for Gnutella but not as a torrent client, you may probably want to have your .torrent files, and torrent links going by default to your preferred torrent client. It could also happen that another client is already set as the default torrent application, and you may want FrostWire to be the default.

The following screenshots will show you how to change the file associations and MIME type associations, which tell your web browser which application to open whenever a torrent link is clicked on.

Changing File Associations

1. Select a .torrent file

2. Right click on it and select “Get Info” (or press Command + i )

3. Select the Application you want to open it with, and click on the “Change All” button

4. All your .torrent file associations are now changed to the new program.

Changing MIME associations in Firefox
Open your Firefox “Preferences” and head to the “Applications” tab. Search for “torrent” and change the behavior. You can make it ask you every time for what application to use, or you can set a new default.

Note: If somebody knows how to change MIME type program associations in Safari, please let us know.