New FrostWire 5.7.3 for Windows, Mac and Linux out

Download FrostWire 5.7.3 for Windows (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin enabled .torrent)
Download FrostWire 5.7.3 for MacOSX (.torrent)
Download FrostWire 5.7.3 for Debian/Ubuntu (.torrent)


This new FrostWire release leans up by removing several third party libraries to do more with less.

It addresses bugs and reported crashes by 5.7.2 users.

In matters of search it fixes EZTV search and introduces a new Yify torrent search.

Download, Install and spread the word.

Oh, and remember to be a good net-neighbor and seed as much as you can.

Picture Credits: Another Night in Paradise by Xavier Jamonet