Welcome to the FrostWire Blog

Welcome Dear FrostWire user,This blog will communicate all official announcements, important decisions taken by the team, and any relevant experiences or advances of day to day development.It will also be used to let the community know about P2P news, recommendations, and promotion of new features included on the client.

Information about partnerships with other P2P related projects will be announced as well here.

The FrostWire Team.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the FrostWire Blog

  1. Hey, I have been trying to find some different skins for frostwire. Where is the best place to look? I am a Frostwire addict but the white screen really blinds me by the eleventh hour. I was thinking of a black skin, but I can’t seem to find one. When you guys get a minute could you drop me a link or something?
    Thanks and keep up the good work. More people appreciate your efforts than you can possibly know and I make sure that I create as many converts as I can when I am out and about.
    Take it easy,

  2. You Guys Rock!!!! Nothing compares to frostwire. I feel like I’ve struck gold.
    Thanks so much. Power to the little people!

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