FrostWire needs a logo ($50 bounty)

As we come closer to our next release, we know FrostWire still doesn’t have an iconic logo which people can easily identify.

After months of looking for an image, we came across a few pictures of Frozen Barbed Wires.

We think a simple 2D logo, much in the style of napster (easy to print and easy to recognize anywhere) is what we need stylewise.

Picture this:

or this:

(these images are JUST TO ILLUSTRATE that we want a Barbed Wire, or Frozen Barbed Wire [if its possible to illustrate this] as our Logo, may the best Frozen Barbed Wire illustration win)

with this style:

If you’re interested in getting the $50, you’ll need to have a paypal account so we can pay you the bounty.

If you don’t care about the money you can still submit your sketches.

Please submit your proposals either on the official FrostWire Forum or here.

The winner will have his name and a link to his portfolio website (if he/she has any) on the FrostWire credits, and we’ll make a lot of fuss about the new logo, that’s for sure.

WARNING: No 3D logos please. And If you do something in 3D don’t exagerate, think of how easy would it be to print this logo anywhere. Would it be as easy to print as the Napster Logo? Think simple, containable within a circle or squared area so that we can place it anywhere next to the FrostWire word. If your logo has no letters much better, we want to be able to be identified without any letters.

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