FrostWire speaks more than English

Version is now available on and it now contains translations for Spanish, German, Dutch and French.

Thanks to aldmab00 from Austria for the help given on the Chat labels translation.

Thanks to Dutchboy (Klaas Fokke Van Der Molen) for Giving us the Dutch Translation

Thanks to Et Voila (Charles Marseille ) for the French bundle

15 thoughts on “FrostWire speaks more than English

  1. welllllllllllllllllllp, I just downloaded the newest Ubuntu version of Frostwire. It brough up the chat option again, as usual, and I picked a name. It actually said that was okay, so i assumed that whatever problem was going on with the linux version of the chat was fixed! it said the changes would take effect on restart, so i quite out and started frostwire up again… or i tried to. frostwire fully loads, then crashes. every time. heeeeeeelp!

  2. agora falta uma versão em português do Frostwire… iria ser muito bom!!!

    Now it lacks a version in Portuguese of the Frostwire… would very good!!!

  3. Hi, I noticed that the logo you’ve put for the .deb package is that of Ubuntu and not of Debian. Why ?

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