A few fixes coming for

System Tray fix on Ubuntu Version

Thanks to our friend Jorge Peña, a sharp and detailed oriented FrostWire Ubuntu User from California, USA, we’ve fixed two things so far for

  • The .deb installer had some .svn remains which have been cleaned
  • When you close FrostWire, unless you have changed the system tray settings in the options, it won’t close in ubuntu unless you kill the process, now the default behaviour is to close immediatly, until we have more people using java 1.6 and we can use the new classes for the system tray, as of now, we decided to remove the system tray because people were reporting too many crashes due to JDIC
  • Thanks to our friend Jorge Peña for the heads up.

    Brasileros baixan muito FrostWire
    We have seen an exponential increase of users coming from Brazil during this last month of April 2007, this means will include a translation to Brazilian localized Portuguese.

    If you’re from Brazil maybe you can help us make the best translation possible, just reply to this post and we’ll contact you.

    Muito Axe!

    8 thoughts on “A few fixes coming for

    1. Hello, there! Just installed Frostwire and – hooray! – seems to work well with Vista! All others (still) can\’t.

      I would be glad to help you guys have it translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

    2. Hey, now that it’s been over 6 months, and I’d say most people have switched to Java 1.6, can we PLEASE have the System Tray icon back?

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