FrostWire T-Shirt Prototype, “You Like?!?!?”

We’ve been asking for a while to the community about FrostWire T-shirts and FrostWire Merchandise.

What do you guys think about this design?

Would you support FrostWire by getting one of these?
Your feedback is important, if enough people are willing to get them, we can make more for less money and you can also help us by wearing them on the street and making all your friends jealous so they have to get one too ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s too early to let you know about pricing, we need to hear your thoughts on them first.

29 thoughts on “FrostWire T-Shirt Prototype, “You Like?!?!?”

  1. I like the shirt… but i think ya need one for the girlies… like a tank top with the same design…. I would buy one of those….

  2. I like it, but I’d like to see the logo on the front with the blue ‘orb’ pattern… Having just the wire alone doesn’t quite look as good.

  3. I prefer the original logo in blue bubble in front and the name Frostwire with additional logos of operating system like optional.
    Really like the blue bubble logo, to be the brand on t-shirt.
    And put the link for now how can getcha the software.

    Wilhem Gonzalez
    from Guatemala, Central America
    Linux Enthusiast & Admin

  4. it’s alright, but i don’t love it. if you made a design i could get behind, i’d definitely buy. maybe it’s the yellow i don’t love. how about something a little “frostier”???

  5. I’d like to see it in black (with white lettering) as well as white. I would definitely order one or more.

  6. Sweet but I would prefer to see the blue frostwire logo at the front instead of the lame black one.

  7. I Like it. But it would be better in dark colors, Black or a Dark Blue ya.And Please offer it in 2X for us big boys. Also I suggest you use a good T-Shirt like Hans Beefy T’S

  8. Going by the comments here maybe you should make them to order.
    personally i would like it in a vneck t shirt.
    otherwise looks cool.

  9. I think the design is good. but i have to agree with the other`s on the fact it should probably be black so that it wont show dirt as well.the logo i like the barbwire on front. but i think u should have original logo with wire inside blue orb.

  10. PMSL at comments! Everyone would like to change some bits, huh!
    I love the prototype but I agree with the girl who suggested the tank top for girls. I would love to get one of those and show it off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I like the design on the back of the t-shirt, but the front ……, no! The front looks like an advertisement for a pow camp. Whatever you put on the front should be very small and not in the middle of the shirt. Make the logo small and classy like they do on a Polo shirt.

  12. I want to buy it for sure. Not 1 – but 2 or 3. Looks great. I hope there are enough people for this to make it happend.

  13. It’s too common, I am sure you can come up with an alt. that’s reflecting the avant guard status of frostwire as a whole?!!

  14. I want to represent in that ill gear! hook it up, or if u dont make em email me the logos and I’ll make my own!

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