Changelog for FrostWire

Here are the changes for

– No more “BETA”, this is the final release of the branch
– Included translation to Portuguese (Since our Brazilian User Base is the second biggest one out there).
– Cleaner debian installer (Thanks to the “Ubunteros” that kept complaining).
– Compatibility fix for Beryl (Thanks to the “Ubunteros” again)
– Frostwire will actually shutdown on Linux without you having to set up the Tray System settings.
– Updates on Chat Banner system. Memory Leak fixed, Banners can be targetted by language, ip range and country. (Want to advertise on the FrostWire Chat?)
– Misc Updates to the Chat.
– When music files are launched they’re automatically added to the playlist (Finally).
– Fixed bug on “Explore” button where it’d launch the file instead of the folder that contains the file.
– Dev. tools to synchronize translation files, and quick build script.
– Removed all Simpp messages.

The Mac and Linux installers (deb, tgz, rpm) are ready. We’re waiting for the new Windows Installer to be ready to do the official launch sometime this week.

5 thoughts on “Changelog for FrostWire

  1. You guys definitely need a new & better way to inform people of updates.. I only found out about this 4.13.2 update by noticing there was ANOTHER new LimeWire. Which then, i check here and noticed the version number seemed a little different from the last time i checked.. I think at the very least we need a RSS feed on the home page of the site which gets updated everytime theres a new FrostWire.. If not better – also add a auto-checker / notifier that works in FrostWire itself.

    – What do others think?

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