FrostWire is reviewed by CNET

On November 20th 2007, FrostWire gets a very positive review by CNET’s, and makes it to the home page of as the Killer Download of the Day

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Their review makes us very happy, at the same time, it pushes us to include new killer features that LimeWire may not be able to have in the near future, however if you follow LimeWire’s code base, it seems they’re working hard to release a web based Music Store that will be included on an embedded browser inside their client, probably in the fashion of the online iTunes store, but probably powered by P2P (we hope, if they stick to their p2p philosophy and hopefully without DRM so that files can be shared or bought, at least this worked beautifully for Radiohead).

It’d probably be a smart move by the LimeWire store to include the possibility to buy their music from outside their site (with commissions on sales of course), that way, other music sites could trigger purchases based on search, as well as other p2p clients such as FrostWire.

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