Sneak peak at 4.13.4 (Mac/Linux)

Curious Mac and Linux users get to take 4.13.4 for a spin before everyone else.
Might be uploading the Linux installers during the next hours.

Mac OSX DMG (No more zips for Mac users)
MD5 -> 6690b1d08109059a508961fb057c9176

Ubuntu/Debian package
MD5 -> 276c319df17869a18f3e11fb3ecddc55

MD5 -> e8bfaa395bcd8ab188166cc142c4dd83

MD5 -> fdd7ef316e05fb1c63f0914b5259dc76

Take it for a ride. Windows version coming soon, We expect to have it ready for tomorrow

CHANGELOG – Mowi po polsku ?

version 4.13.4 (November-December 2007)

  • Connection Bootstrapping problems should be gone. TurboCharged connection is achieved on average under 5 seconds after launch.
  • “Buy” button on the search result panel.
  • Polish Translation Included. Finally got around Encoding issues of the Java ResourceBundle class. More translations with their correct characters coming in the future. (thanks Paulinka for the translation)
  • New FrostWire Icon on the Icon Tray for Windows XP (thanks to sw1tch)
  • The Bugmanager window still said “LimeWire” (it was very well hidden in the code). Thanks to Marcelina Knitter for reporting.
  • Fixes on Update Notification Mechanism.
  • Fixes on Chat Banner Loading Mechanism, banner reloading interval from server is now configurable. Banners can now be delivered per FrostWire version. Faster startup and savings on bandwidth.
  • Cleaning of IRC Stack traces.
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