FrostWire’s “Buy” button more effective each day

A couple of week’s ago the music industry was a different place. If you did a search on FrostWire for “Metallica”, and you clicked on the “Buy” button, you’d only find versions by other bands of Metallica’s songs available for purchase.

If you try it now, you can legally purchase the entire rooster of Metallica’s songs via the FrostWire’s Buy button after you do a search for Metallica. Songs cost between $0.89 and $0.99 and they come in high quality MP3 format, no DRM!!!!

This is because finally the big record labels decided to drop DRM (you can now play the music you buy on any device, it’s not protected against copying/playing in anyway) and put their music for sale on the AmazonMp3 music store, which is the system FrostWire uses to help artists sell their music and you the user to find the best quality music 100% legally.

Finally the Music Industry started opening their eyes.

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