Support FrostWire by Linking to it, About 4.13.5

This is to all bloggers that use FrostWire.
We need your support to keep growing the network.

If you have some space left on your side bar, or on some pages of your blog, or myspace page, or whatever page you have, please link to us.

Here’s a code snippet you can use:

More snippets and banners here

About next release
With the adition of a new coder to the team, FTA, version 4.13.5 is well on its way.

  • Added Smiley support to the Chatroom. Developer note: irc.jar is now part of our build process.
  • Fixed wording on spanish translation.
  • Fixed bugs on the media player and playlists on Preview.
  • Fixed bug on search box auto-focusing while a search was running.
  • Fixed typo in Polish. Thanks Radek.
  • Fixed i18n bug, where non english operating system could never keep english as the preferred language, it would always default to the OS language after restarting FW. Thanks to FTA our new dev team member.

4 thoughts on “Support FrostWire by Linking to it, About 4.13.5

  1. I hope this version will fix all the OSX issues i have been having… it disconnects after a couple minutes of use and requires a restart to fix (no disconnect/connect).

  2. Here’s an Idea. I never seen this in any chat room but… How about spell check?

    Some people in the chat don’t know how to spell.

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