109 thoughts on “How do you like FrostWire featuring free downloads on its welcome screen?


  2. ich empfange soviel werbung , dass es langsam aber sicher nervt !
    es ist sehr wohltuend, mal eine seite OHNE werbung zu besuchen

  3. should have different list all the time ,instead of just one album. maybe a mixed list from diffrent genre’s of new and old music

  4. Love frostwire. Though it at the moment of writing this, it isn’t wanting to connect. I do have satellite, but, makes no sense still since I can still be online to write this to you. Otherwise! It’s kool and I would recommend it to anyone!


  5. from Limewire to Frostwire your service to the world is unmatched. Thank
    you and do whatever you can to keep up the good work! If that includes free downloads displayed on your opening screen….Hallelujah! Keep evolving,growing,serving and being a part of so many lives.

  6. i really dont like the fact that it stays on my screen for so long that i have to search for something just to get it off,so putting a remove button or some way of removing the offer would make me very happy. i dont care to look at someones face that i havent seen or heard about before.every time i start up frostwire. other than that i think its great

  7. I am very happy with Frostwire, it is much better i.e it wins hands down over Limewire.
    I thank the Frostwire personnel for this magnificent software. I found Frostwire by using PCLinuxOS 2008 and I also had paid for the turbo version of Limewire of which there was no real improvement in speed, so thanks again. PEACE!

  8. I have used frostwire for 1 months and so far, I really like it. Songs that I download comes up more and the speed is much faster. I also like the free album that you advertise on frostwire. I never heard any one of them but I like some of its songs.
    There is one thing that I don’t really like about frostwire. Recently, there seems to be a lot of ads that pop-up for example ‘free music in e-bay.’ It really disturbs the computer and sometimes the computer restarts by itself.
    If I have to give a score out of 10, I would give it a 7. Keep Going FROSTWIRE!!!

  9. I like the fact the I can download all this content that Frostwire offers and I am a guy who does not believe everything should be free, but I am glad that this software is free.

  10. although the selections are great, you can’t really get what your looking for.
    and the search is minimal. on the video search, it should have a bar for name of artist to do a specific search on artist only instead of popping up all these other selections you did NOT ask for. and from average of 100 selections, about 12 are actually succesful downloads. i am giving you an honest input so that you can add or remove for additional changes that may improve this sight. other than that…..love the web sight!

  11. hey this frost wire is great and i love the music that i find even the free offers of the music that is offered to us when we oppened the frostwire to download great keep them comming please

  12. I have not read a free download to my liking as of this date, however, by having the availability is appreciated.

    Surely, there will be a few free downloads that will attract my attention to persuade me to purchase.

  13. This site is a very beneficial to the whole family. It provides and meets the needs of the whole family. From entertainment, movie, music, even documents needed for the schools and other informative details, to even meeting the satistfaction of being alone and lonely. Thank you FROSTWIRE!

  14. I am very pleased with this free community sharing website. It actually works much better for me than its predecessor, Limewire. I will continue to share my music files with community members for as long as Frostwire continues this great service…….mpg.

  15. not my kind of music. I am 71 years old and I still like the 50 & 60 music. if you have some of that I will use your free down load. thanks Jess

  16. parabens por ter desenvolvido este software, excelente ferramente para o dia a dia e que continuem assim com toda essa dedicação aos seus usuarios, até mais.

  17. i did not like it ,it wasa not my kind of music. and it would not get off my screen so i shut frostwire down for 3 weeks hoping it would go away. now you have this big glop on my screen so big i cannot read it. frostwire was my fav. downloader noe i wonder

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