Farkus Rocks FrostWire

Update Feb 6th:: Farkus has 10,500 downloads, and it’s not even 3 days yet. Keep sharing!

The FrostClick Team found this week an awesome rock band from Chicago named Farkus. They recommended it and we’re featuring it this week on the FrostWire welcome screen.

Farkus has already gotten over 5,000 BitTorrent downloads and we’d like you to give them a try, put it in your iPod, and tell us what you think of them.

The album is being released under Creative Commons with permissions to Share and Remix. They were nice enough to even included a special message for you guys, you’ll be able to hear it if you download the album.

Farkus on the FrostWIre Welcome Screen

Download Torrent

Learn more about Farkus on FrostClick.com

Remember, Sharing is caring (and it’s also free promotion), but If you’d like to support this band with $, you can buy their CD on Amazon or iTunes (only like $5 last time we checked).

Rock on.

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