Brad Sucks FrostWire’s Welcome Screen this week

Download Torrent

Brad Sucks new album “Out of It” is the Frostclick Pick of this week for the FrostWire Welcome Screen. Definitively a must for your portable m3p player.

Brad Sucks according to wikipedia
Brad Turcotte (born November 14, 1976), a member of the one man band Brad Sucks, was among the first musicians to take full advantage of the Free Culture movement for advertising and distribution. He has very successfully used micropatronage to profit from his work without restricting the freedom to share and modify it.

Turcotte opened his website in 2002 with the intention of producing “open source music”. His self-produced single, Brad Sucks One, included the audio source files used to create the finished files, and later he posted these source files to his website along with the MP3s.

Turcotte waives all rights to his songs essentially making them public domain.

You’re in for a treat, Brad Sucks Rocks. If you’re into Twitter, you can follow him.

Thanks to the FrostClick team once again for putting together an awesome torrent, it even includes lyrics to all the songs, and a short voice message from Brad Sucks himself to all the FrostWire users.

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