Scheduled Maintenance this week

If you experience some issues with any of the FrostWire mirrors, or websites starting tomorrow 9/16/2009 at 02:00am EST it’s due to a planned maintenance.

We’ll try our best to minimize the impact of these important updates.

If by 9/18/2009 you still find any errors or missing services online please report them here.

Services that will be affected by the maintenance:
Gnutella UDP caches –
peercommons chat service

The current peercommons chat server will be going down for several weeks (starting sometime next week when the old server dies) until we find a new exclusive machine with enough bandwidth for it. The sysop has been working on a new configuration from scratch so please be patient, the service won’t die for good, we know how important peercommons is for all of you who have been here since the beginning. It’ll just be down until the time is right, but it’ll be back for sure according to our sysop.

The migration of all other services should be complete, we’re monitoring for any hicups. if you find any issues with any of the services mentioned above (or other frostwire related services) please let us know. Thanks for your patience.

Stay tuned for our next FrostWire release, geared towards spam related issues.

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