FrostWire “Arctic Shield” Released

Download FrostWire “Arctic Shield”

The newest FrostWire release “Arctic Shield” (version 4.18.5) has arrived.

By the request of our users the latest version adds some serious connection and anti-spam improvements.

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” is by far the most significant update of 2009 and we strongly recommend this update.

Refresh Connections

An entirely new tool that lets you Refresh Connections, this will retrieve a list of fresh and active ultra-peers to connect with when your application cannot find any initial ones is a true lifesaver for some.

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” has updated UPnP code for improved router/firewall interaction to fix possible bootstrapping issues.

Ready for your new 64-bit OS

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” is compatible with the latest operating systems Microsoft’s Windows 7 and with Apple’s Snow Leopard, while keeping backwards compatibility with older versions.

Spam Battle Continues

Nonetheless, the most significant improvement to the software comes in the form of updated FrostWire’s IP BlackList technology that helps to remove over 70% of spam and fake search results from showing up on your screen.

Your Pictures on the Splash Screen

FrostWire Sticker NYC

FrostWire developers have also included a special functionality in this release that will display different user submitted Splash Screens every time FrostWire loads to showcase the creativity & involvement of our community.

Pictures of the FrostWire Stickers all over the world have been selected for many of the splash screens. We encourage everybody to get their set of free stickers and submit their own pictures for a chance of being featured on FrostWire loading screen on future updates.

If you have some pictures already, you can send them to contact [at] frostwire [dot] com.

We give attribution to the following photographers for the splash screens of 4.18.4: Nany Wilson, luis_fonseca2, xmarcelinaxx, Green_713, bigdogbee, Katay Santos, jacksonenterprize, Steven Blue and the FrostWire Team.

Here are the detailed release notes:

Version 4.18.5 “Artic Shield” (November-December 2009)
– Fixes two NPEs that were causing FrostWire to kill uploads. (related to httpcomponent/nio)
– Fixes a crash under some Windows JREs when the windows firewall is turned off.
– Fixes a freeze in Windows after the user would switch to the “Windows Theme”.
– Updates: License is upgraded from GPLv2 to GPLv3 to allow proper license compatibility with Apache Licensed components.

FrostWire “Arctic Shield” Version 4.18.4 (October-November 2009)

    – New: “Tools > Refresh Connections”. A network of FrostWire Sentinels maintains a list of reliable nodes that can be used to bootstrap your connection.
    – FrostWire IP BlackList technology updated to get rid of over 70% of spam and fakes (thanks Aaron.Walkhouse).
    – Update: latest UPnP code merged from LimeWire Codebase for better connectivity.
    – Update: Network core more efficient and stable thanks to the latest Apache HttpComponents (httpcore-4.0.1 and httpclient-4.0)
    – Update: Random Splash Screens. Now showing different community submitted Splash Screens to spread the FrostWire culture.
    – Update: The Chat Server is now a parameter on frostwire.props.
    – Fix: Connection Doctor addresses more connection bootstrapping issues.

About FrostWire
FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. FrostWire is written in Java, and is a fork of LimeWire, another popular Gnutella client. Released under the GNU General Public License, FrostWire is free software.

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26 thoughts on “FrostWire “Arctic Shield” Released

    1. If you’re talking about this, I guess it’d all depend on the latest Java, if they fixed that then we should also be ready for 64-bit linux. However we didn’t test throughly on linux to make that statement.

      Notice also how we still don’t have the RPMs ready. We used to make our RPMs out of the .deb with alien, but after upgrading to the new Ubuntu, alien is not cutting it anymore, so expect further updates on the Linux version.

      1. Actually I was referring to this blog post where it says this:

        Ready for your new 64-bit OS

        FrostWire “Arctic Shield” is compatible with the latest operating systems Microsoft’s Windows 7 and with Apple’s Snow Leopard, while keeping backwards compatibility with older versions.

  1. Every time I download something from frostwire, or even listen to my shared files on the mp3 section I get grookster spyware in my quarantine. I thought frostwire was inspected by ” 3 anti-virus/spyware companies, and this was not supposed to happen. I regret downloading the new version, because I did not have this prob. with the old version. Help!

  2. The Windows theme bug I reported earlier is still unfixed!!! This should not be so complicated to fix.

    And also the Windows theme should be available by default in the theme list. Not everyone knows you have to extract it manually from the themes.jar archive and put it in %AppData%\Frostwire\themes. It is a bit over-complicated for standard users.

    Hope you fix this in the next release, because Frostwire currently doesn’t fit at all with the Windows Vista/7 UI.

  3. sixtorm1 one of our collaborators is trying to find the root of the evil causing the windows theme bug.

    thanks for the tip about the manual extraction, question, if you do this do you still get the freeze?

  4. Since Swing is used as the UI, why can’t you just use this:

    UIManager.setLookAndFeel(UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName()); ?

  5. @Corey: The whole skinning and repainting process of Swing has been over-ridden, this makes it a little bit more complicated than that, but good suggestion, we’ll give it a try

  6. Acc’g to Norton, has 9 “computer threats” (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.); not only that, the only download available seems to be 4.18.4.

  7. @Gubatron

    Good work on fixing the Windows theme bug, but how do I apply it? Now all of the themes in the themes.jar file appear in the themes list, but none of them work. If I click on any of them there is an error message that says that the theme is invalid. And if I try the manual extract method that worked previously, Frostwire deletes it out of the themes folder in my home directory every time it starts.

  8. @Corey:

    We had actually implemented a full fix for the theme extraction and scanning, however when we built the binary the night of the release it started behaving funky and we still have the theme extraction bug.

    We’ll include this other bug fix for 4.18.6

  9. icon in the system tray in kubuntu / ubuntu 9.04 onwards, is in low relief and it looks ugly.please fix this problem.

    miere the following image, these icons using default kubuntu 9.10 and the issue is plasma is AIR.

  10. I’ve downloaded limewire about 5 times now with 5 diff. computers and everytime i download limewire it gives me a virus! And i was wandering if frostwire is better than limewire? and if frostwire will give my computer a virus?

  11. Thanks for fixing the theme bug. However it seems we will have to wait till the next release to use the themes cuz none of them currently work. They all throw an error message, and Frostwire deletes any theme file we manually put in the themes directory.

    1. sixstorm1, we actually have that also fixed, but we didn’t include it in the release due to an unexpected last minute bug. we decided the fix wasn’t tested enough and we rolled out the release without it (just the freeze fix)

      for sure all the themes will be working on our next release.

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