FrostWire Splash Screens Gallery – Vol I

Since FrostWire 4.18.4, FrostWire related pictures sent to the FrostWire Photo Album are showed cased randomly every time FrostWire starts up in millions of computers all over the world.
FrostWire Splash Screen Images come from the community.

Here are the pictures distributed for FrostWire 4.18.4 an 4.18.5

Credits and more detailed descriptions of these pictures are available on the Flickr Group.

Submitting your pictures

If you want your picture to make it to the next FrostWire, join the FrostWire Photo Album Flickr Group and submit your pictures. Here are some tips to get your picture on the FrostWire splash screen:

  • Send us pictures of your FrostWire Stickers or Shirts. Get Free Stickers here, we ship worldwide.
  • The Higher the resolution the better.
  • Horizontal pictures work better for the Splash Screen.
  • Make sure you tell us where in the world you took the picture. If there’s a funny story related to the picture please share that on the description.
  • Tag your pictures. Some suggested “tags” for your pictures are: frostwire, filesharing, p2p, gnutella, bittorrent, frostwire stickers,

See the Splash Screen gallery of the next version FrostWire 4.18.6

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