Kellee Maize among’s Top 10 most downloaded albums

Kellee Maize understood the power file sharing and creative commons as positive promotional tools, that’s a screenshot of her album "Aligned Archetype" among the top 10 most downloaded albums on

You can get her album for free here…

Kellee Maize’s Aligned Archetype was featured on FrostWire, and so far it’s gotten over 133,000 bittorrent downloads.

27 thoughts on “Kellee Maize among’s Top 10 most downloaded albums

  1. it all started here! thx frostwire this is where i first downloaded her~ i love how she is approaching her ‘marketing’

  2. Kellee definitely had a good idea when she decided to give out her music for free! She’s become so popular that she’s up in the to 10 with huge artists like Drake and Eminem! Go Kellee!

  3. This up and coming artist is making her way to the top. Kellee is holding her own, ranked with some of the top artists in the rap industry, and proving that music is more powerful than the label. Providing her album free online is a great way to get her music out there, and sure seems like it’s paying off. It won’t be long until the whole world knows about Kellee.

  4. I’m so glad Kellee Maize made the top 10 most downloaded albums because she truly deserves it. She is unlike most artists because she stands for a positive message to share to all. Finally society is getting some sense knocked into them. Keep up the good work Kellee!

  5. Amazon should realize that in order to compete with other services (i.e. iTunes) they need to further promote artists like Kellee Maize. Record labels may complain about an underground artist like Kellee Maize beating their artists in downloads, but they should also realize that Kellee was giving her music away for free– something that consumer’s would rarely turn down. All in all, the music industry needs to reevaluate the way they promote their artists. Kellee Maize got it right and shouldn’t be punished for it.

  6. Kellee totally deserves to be on that list!! Free or not, clearly people are enjoying what they hear from her..including me!

  7. Yess!! Kellee is moving back up the Amazon charts and is at number 4. Let’s get her back to number 1!!

  8. This is sweet! I went to buy her album on Amazon and it was actually free!! Soo cool… and I liked it a lot

  9. Kellee is more about the music then the money which is a rare thing in the music industry, she’s producing music she loves because she wants to spreading a positive message. I wish more artists were like her!

  10. Each song on this album is awesome! I think everyone check out her music videos as well. Her music is very inspiring and everyone could get something out of it.

  11. I’m impressed to see an artist with such inspirational lyrics and independent sound so high on this list. Keep it up!

  12. I love that her music is free…it is a great way to get her name out there. Her album is great and I probably wouldnt have been able to discover her music as quickly as I did if it wasn’t free to download!

  13. Go Kellee! This girl is going to put Pittsburgh on the map. Can you believe she is now holding her own against Drake and the rest of them? This pretty little blonde girl from the Steel City is busting out the rhymes?

  14. You know that Kelle is a true artist when she gives out her music for free. It is because she cares more about herself being able to express herself & reach out to her fans and the world. I love this cd! and kelle 🙂

  15. I can’t believe that she is giving away her album! I just downloaded it and love every song! I can listen from beginning to end without skipping a track! What a great way to get your music out there, Kellee! Keep producing positive, upbeat original music and you will soar to the top of the charts in no time!

  16. Her stuff is so different compared to most stuff out there and she definitely deserves to be high up in the rankings! Whoo go kellee

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