FrostWire for Android Alpha now Open

Early Adopters Wanted!

Many of our alpha testers and early adopters are already saying FrostWire is an app that should be on every phone. Help us make this vision come true and take our alpha installer for a ride on your Android device.

It’s still labeled alpha because it’s still very far from being complete and it needs a lot more testing, but the core functionality is there already and it needs plenty of testing until it’s ready to be a 5 star app on the Android marketplace.

Download it for free at

FrostWire 0.4.5
- Networking-Upgrade: Fixes in search routing algorithm to avoid redundant message forwarding.
- UX-Upgrade: Touching the FrostWire logo shows a menu to Go Home, See About or Show FrostWire some love.
- UX-Upgrade: Several optimizations for smoother scrolling and better resource management.
- UX-Upgrade: Tapping on someone's nickname on the Chat will autotype @Nickname on the text box.
- UX-Upgrade: New icons for Settings, Home and Love.
- UX-Fix: Private messages take you to the Chat tab, not the Chat Activity by itself.
- UX-Fix: When a file's shared state is changed using the padlod icon the number of shared files of its kind gets updated.
- UX-Fix: Padlock icons are not shown on search results.
- Bug-fix: Downloading the same file twice from the same peer would fail. Memory referencing issues fixed.

FrostWire 0.4.4
- New Feature: Auto update.
- New Feature: Change your nickname by long pressing on your own name on the Browse Peers screen.
- New Feature: "Padlock" button when browsing your shared files to toggle sharing status without much hassle.
- Networking-Upgrade: New Peer Exchange policies result in considerable bandwidth.
- Search/Transfer-Upgrade: All peers involved in a file transfer are now keeping a metafrost file when finished, thus announcing themselves in search results as confirmed sources for that file. Metafrost files are now kept in folders by type to not put a strain on the file system as more and more files are shared.
- UX-Upgrade: Chat tab now shows the number of unread messages.
- UX-Upgrade: When starting up FrostWire will ask new users to change their nickname.
- UX-Upgrade: When disconnected you are taken to the home screen so you won't be confused by things not working.
- UX-Upgrade: Application search results now include version number.
- UX-Upgrade: Search Result Batch Downloads (using checkboxes)
- UX-Upgrade: Search results are cleared before new results are in.
- UX-Upgrade: Checkboxes auto-clear when you start a batch download.
- UX-Upgrade: Failed, Out of sources and Timed out transfers can now be individually deleted from the list of transfers.
- Bug Fix: Fixes SQLite 'where' clause bug with multiple keyword queries. Search will yield more results as everyone updates.
- Bug Fix: Incoming repeated Search responses are short circuited. Distinct results are forwarded only once. Traffic savings.
- Bug Fix: Fixes logic issues for optimal LAN packet delivery. You should feel faster peer browsing and discovery.
- Bug Fix: Audio player when browsing yourself works as expected.
- Bug Fix: Possible Force Close when pinging peer list and a peer says good bye.

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