FrostWire Trademark Infringers and fraudsters still advertised on Google Adwords

If you search for “frostwire” on Google today, you will still get one of the fake/fraudster ads, but this time the scammers went a little too far infringing our trademark.

The domains, and are infringing FrostWire’s trademarks blatanly, by advertising and distributing other products and using our trademarked name and logo.

On top of this, they’re charging users for a product that is not FrostWire but uses our trademarked logo and name.

They have their own windows installer which installs something that they call “FrostWire Pro”, this is how it looks:

Not only they blatantly use our trademark on the name of the software, the icon, logo, they also charge for it, and then we are the ones getting user’s emails asking for money back.

It doesn’t end there

A simple reverse DNS search on their IP address let’s us know that they’re not only doing this with the FrostWire trademark, they’re also usurping the identify of other software like Ares and LimeWire.




We are sending cease & desist letters to them and their hosting company to see if we can do something to protect you guys from these scammers.

The most ironic part of all of this, is that we then tried to put an ad on Google for users to find out about FrostWire’s new File and Folder sending capabilities, and our ads are being denied for “Copyright” while fraudsters that infringe on our trademark and damage our name can advertise freely to prey on clueless users.

Here’s a video we posted 2 years ago, and these people keep scamming thousands of people every year.