Sneak peek at “Alexandria”, FrostWire 5’s new Library

Download the Beta now

The next release of FrostWire 5 will feature a completely new Library Tab, one rewritten from scratch to suit your media management needs.

Before and After(click on the image to enlarge)

It features a full blown audio player, with convenient playlist management at every drag and drop or right click you ever need to organize and enjoy your media.

This new Library (code named “Alexandria”) is still under development and test binaries will be distributed in a few days (or hours) to the beta testing group.

However, remember FrostWire is open source and you can build and run it yourself. Here’s how:

JDK 1.6.x (or higher, let us know how it works with Java 7)
Apache Ant

If you want to hack FrostWire and send patches you will need a Bitbucket account.

Get the code
With you favorite Mercurial client, clone the official repository

hg clone
cd frostwire.desktop

Switch to the alexandria branch
hg update fw5-alexandria

Build it!

Run it

On Windows:
cd gui

On Mac or Linux:

Hack it!
If you want to be part of the development team, the process is very straight forward.
1. Fork the project in BitBucket using your account.
2. Clone your fork locally.
3. Create a branch for your hack/bug-fix/enhancement
4. Code, commit and push to YOUR fork.
5. Send us a Pull request of your branch.

We will check your patch, be clean and explain as much as you can what you did. Do not repeat code and look at the current code to follow our current style.

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