FrostWire for Android temporarily available only at

*UPDATE*: We’ve just found out from users that Fake FrostWire Apps were on the Android market, maybe this is the reason why our app got suspended.
Once again, we’d really love to be able to talk to Google Market to help us solve the situation.

Today we found out our app has been “Suspended!” from the Android market 🙂

We are still able to upload APKs to the Android Market so we suppose that Google has suspended the current version of the app thinking that it’s not compliant with the FTC complaint that’s been all over the news recently.

In reality the current version is fully compliant with the order since around May 2011 (v.0.5.5, we’re now at v.0.6.3!!!) when we started working closely with the FTC to make the app safer.

If you’ve been using the app since before May, you probably noticed the number of files available dropped after the changes we started making around that date and now we hope you understand why the application is not as convenient as it was in the past in regards to easily making your files availables, but this is a very important trade off to safe guard the privacy of the not so tech-saavy users.

We’ll use this hiatus on the Android market to implement major architectural upgrades to our app. We’re currently working on very important things:

1. We are going to release all the code under a GPL license.
2. FrostWire for Android will be a BitTorrent client.
3. FrostWire for Android will have a kick ass media player within.

We hope to be contacted by the Google Android Market at some point, we think that we could somehow “unsuspend” the app from the market since we still have the option to “Upload APK”, we don’t know if they will allow us to update or not, we just hope to receive some form of communication from Google to see if the FTC news were the issue, we wish they had at least a communication channel to solve the situation as soon as we have the next version of the app.

We have been hard at work coding for over a year, releasing over 60 builds of the app trying to provide a file sharing solution for well over 1,170,000 Android devices, based on a lot of community feedback and more recently under the microscope of a Federal Government Agency, to have our App suspended without a single written notice or explanation. We really hope our friends at Google Android Market can get back to us soon.

In the meantime, you can still get the FrostWire Android installer through our official website.
This installer is fully compliant with the FTC order, and you will have opt-in, absolute control of the files you share or not from your phone.


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