WARNING: FrostWire10.com, FrostwireDownload.org, FrostWire.name are malicious impostor sites, beware of frauds and copycats

We learned today that FrostWire10.com and FrostWireDownload.org, two sites that not only infringe on our trademarked name and logo are now on the first page of Google Search Results, above CNet and Wikipedia.

Click image to see in full size.

These sites not only use our trademarked name and logo without our permission, they distribute an installer that is not the official FrostWire installer, when you run this installer it will try to install RealPlayer (no matter what you do) thus probably abusing on RealPlayer’s affiliate program, and they’ll also install some other dubious offers even if you uncheck them.

We are trying to contact the DNS and hosting companies that house these fraudsters.

Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD FrostWire from other websites than FrostWire.com, CNet, SourceForge, Brothersoft, and FrostClick.com

DO NOT PAY FOR FROSTWIRE: The only official website is FrostWire.com

The stub they offer, shows a malicious RealPlayer offer that’s impossible to refuse.
The text on it points to a a license page hosted in this domain freedownloadsoft.net

DNS searches on frostwire10.com and frostwiredownload.org show cloaked registrars, but they didn’t bother to cloak freedownloadsoft.net, here’s the DNS information:

Organisation Name: Pinball Corp
Contact Name: William Freeman
Address Line 1: 3600 136th Place SE
Address Line 2:
City / Town: Bellevue
State / Province:
Zip / Postcode: WA 98006
Country: US
Telephone: +1.0114252791177
Email: wfreeman@pinballcorp.com

Pinball Corp operates http://pinballcorp.com/ and http://pinballpublishernetwork.com/ and we’re trying to find out if they’re behind these two sites or if they can lead us to the culprit.

This is what you see when you run their installers:

Certainly NOT the FrostWire installer.

Try Cancelling the offer, good luck with moving Forward without accepting the offer, you’ll have to install RealPlayer to move Forward.

Doesn’t end there, 3 more offers, don’t bother unchecking them, it will install some.

Eventually it downloads an old version of FrostWire lord knows from where, since the version they download has been long discontinued and it’s not compliant with the FTC order for default settings and privacy requirements.

After you’re done, get ready for a world of hell, you will be receiving popup after popup, which try to get you to enter your cellphone number for lord knows what, probably to charge you a monthly fee and to spam the hell out of you via SMS and Phonecalls.


This other site, even goes to the extend of putting “Copyright FrostWire” at the bottom of their page. They have copied a lot of copyrighted content from our site, including our faq, and they’ve managed to somehow get on top of all search engine rankings.

The software you download from this site is not frostwire, it’s something called MusicFrost, when we tried it it didn’t launch, but the installer managed to install a toolbar without even asking. Then after the installation we were prompted to sign up and pay for their service.

BEWARE OF SCAMS. Get FrostWire ONLY From the official website, frostwire.com

Please stay away from unofficial websites.

If you can help us find any information about the operators of this sites please write us at contact@frostwire.com

If you could report these sites (http://frostwire10.com and http://frostwiredownload.org) to Google it’d be of great help

Selling FrostWire is not illegal or against our software license, in fact one of the freedoms of the GPL license allows others to sell GPLed software, however, using our trademark and pretending to be us to sell our software is a very deceiving practice. Users don’t get the official installer, instead they get installers full of spyware and this damages user’s computers and our reputation.

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