#MusicMonday Recomendations from FrostClick.com

Fever Sleeves: Soft Pipes, Play On (LP) – complicated and sweet math rock compilation

The first time you listen to Fever Sleeves, you might find it hard to put a finger on their brand of music. On one hand, you have this beautiful calculated math rock sound while on the other, it’s a noise fest filled with random guitars, hazy vocals and unconventional drumming.

Soft Pipes, Play On is the band’s debut record, it might be two years old but with just one listen you can tell that there’s something special about it. The band hails from San Diego, CA and have been around since 2004. Their first single, Futuristic Killings, paved the way for the band’s much anticipated full length debut back in 2009.

Sigmafly: Tetrachrome EP – a free release from Cut Ever since their start, Cut Records has become a musical haven for anybody looking for some awesome electronic ambient releases. The best part is that each of their releases is available as a free or ‘pay with a tweet’ download. Truly a great treat.

This time around, they’re featuring Sigmafly’s first release under the label, Tetrachrome EP. Filled with 7 moody electronic singles; it mixes atmospheric beats with carefully chosen samples.

JoJo: Can’t Take That Away From Me – soulful pop R&B beats The once young JoJo is now a woman and she proves it in her beautifully composed and executed album, Can’t Take That Away From Me.

Exclusively released last September 2010 to Rap-Up.com, this free mixtape is a prelude to the singer’s third album formerly entitled All I Want Is Everything. The said album was then released as Jumping Trains under BlackGround records due to a misunderstanding with the songbird’s former record label.

The Julys – self titled hipster 50s rock If you’re in the mood for some uptempo indie rock, listening to the The Julys is a good place to start. According to their facebook bio, the band started off “as two young men coping with the loss of their respective harpy women.”

They’ve certainly come a long way since then. Now, the band is a quartet that creates some really good and catchy indie rock mixes. Instead of bitter, heart wrenching lyrics; the band takes on a feel-good disposition; filling their sound with bouncy beats, hipster style guitars and some wild Little Richard-style singing.

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