Why there’s no FrostWire for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

We’d love to be on iOS!

But there are many reasons that impede us creating a port for iOS:

1. Our application is licensed under the GPL, The GPL license is in conflict with the terms of the App Store. Many GPL applications have been pulled out because some organizations denounce them to Apple (just like VLC Player was pulled out)

2. A file sharing application like ours has very little chance of being accepted in the App Store.

3. We’d have to code everything again using Objective-C, this would take a long time to happen, and for the 2 reasons above our little team has preferred to create FrostWire for Android instead (almost the same technology and no issues with the Android market)

We do see the many users that come to our site with iPhones, iPods and iPads, and it sucks we’re hands tied. Maybe we’ll figure out a way to get there.

13 thoughts on “Why there’s no FrostWire for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

  1. never mind i phone etc just get frostwire to the way it was before so we can get one artist by there name instead of torrent because now I don’t even used frostwire thank you

      1. Hi happy New Year,
        First would like to start off by saying.. THANKS for all that you do. MUCH appreciation!
        I do use the filters but I do have to agree with Denise, the torrents can be a pain.
        The audio filter aren’t very efficient. It will only list a few of the mp3’s.. you basically have to open the torrents to get most mp3’s.
        Also, is it possible that you can return to the LIMEWIRE feature that once we download an item we.. we know the status of that download… if the download was completed there would be a check.. if the download was broken, there was an icon for that..
        Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!

    1. we’re thinking of implementing a light version (no bittorrent), only to share files between FrostWire for Desktop and Android over Wi-Fi.
      That would probably be accepted on the iTunes AppStore.

  2. You can always make it $.99 like most Apps, (if there not free) and make up the revenue to pay for your team to create the App. It will all be worth it.

    Remember Apple just celebrate 25 BILLION Apps downloaded!!!
    And Apple is the leader of these “Androids” and Smart phones and pads– the iPhone came before the Android….

    You can’t loose.

  3. yes as nick said cydia. make a deb file for jailbroken idevice users i would very much love to see frost wire on ios

  4. Well it doesn’t have to b in just obj-c , for graphics use opengles blah blah , I’ve written applications for the iPhone in C before infact funny story my phone refused to compile obj-c for the longest time I still prefer C like an example my latest one I rewrote the shutdown program for ios if u notice through terminal shutdown does the same as halt but on unix based system and even windows u could do the fancy stuff like shutdown -h now or shutdown -r now etc well I went through and rewrote it for ios where it could do all that even included resprining and safe mode in it 🙂

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