Do not download X3 Codec, It’s a Trap!

Some users have reported that there’s a recent trend in fake audio files that say something along the lines of:

“To listen to this file you need the X3 Codec”

First off, you’re already listening to the file with the audio player that you’re using. If you go to the website they tell you, what you’ll end up getting will be a trojan or malicious file.

What to do?

1. Remove the transfer so you don’t seed the malicious file and make sure the files are deleted from your computer.
2. Go to the “Source” (listed in the search result) and report the .torrent as a fake/trojan/malicious file.

The more you guys report malicious files, the easier it is for indexes and search engines to keep everyone safe.

One thought on “Do not download X3 Codec, It’s a Trap!

  1. how do you report the torrent? everything I am downloading is x3codec crap it has invaded frostwire so badly you can no longer get mp3.

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