FrostWire for Android 1.0 preview: Quickly checking what files are shared.

Try it now on your Android (Before the rest gets it on Google Play)

Now when you’re browsing “My Files”, you will see indicators on the top right corner of the screen letting you know how many files are shared and how many files are not shared. If you touch the indicators, FrostWire will show you only the shared ones, the un-shared ones, or all the files.

Very useful if you just shared a file and you want to unshare it, or viceversa, specially when you have hundreds or thousands of files in your device.

3 thoughts on “FrostWire for Android 1.0 preview: Quickly checking what files are shared.

  1. I am just wondering has anyone ever received a letter from their internet provider stated copyright infringement? I just received 3 letters on 10/10/12 from my internet provider for infringing on David Guetta songs. I am a bit freaked out by this bc i know frostwire is sharing music site. I am not trying to get charged for sharing these files.

    1. FrostWire is a file sharing _application_, not a “sharing music site”.

      When you download and install FrostWire you must agree that you will not use it for the purpose of copyright infringement otherwise the software won’t work. FrostWire condemns copyright infringement.

      Downloading FrostWire does not constitute permission or a license for obtaining or distributing unauthorized files. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission.

      If you want to know about legal content you can download and distribute legally please visit,,, and

      I suppose David Guetta doesn’t give his music for free, this is why you infringed on his copyright. That kind of music you need to pay for, you can get his music in outlets like AmazonMP3, iTunes, or you can subscribe to streaming services like Spotify.

      You should only share free and legal content, in the case of music there’s thousands of independent bands that give their music for free explicitly, they publish free EPs, free mixtapes, some do it under Creative Commons so you don’t even have to ask permission to share.

      Check,, for an endless offer of free and legal music.


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