FrostWire partners with FilmOn to deliver Free Live Television online.

Miami, August 13th 2013

Watch Live TV on your Android FrostWire TV
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FrostWire has partnered with Internet TV and Remote TV Antenna farm provider FilmON, founded by billionaire Alki David to offer free Live TV through a new mobile application called “FrostWire TV”

Thanks to FilmON’s technology FrostWire is able to provide its worldwide user community with fully licensed TV content on Demand, Live Internet TV Channels, and Live Local TV channels using FIlmON’s free antenna farm which reaches 35 markets in the US and multiple cities in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The first product launched by FrostWire and FilmON is a mobile app for Android and iOS called “FrostWire TV”.

FrostWire TV users can freely access FilmON’s 500 linear TV channels and podcasts plus over 45,000 Video on demand titles on an advertiser funded basis.

FrostWire’s open source community of developers has also begun the development of JFilmON, an open source Java API that will enable software developers to use FilmON’s REST API and integrate its IPTV technology into any media app or web service. Currently under active development JFilmON will be made available under an Apache license.

FrostWire is a free and open file sharing client and full featured audio and video player capable of sending and receiving large files using the BitTorrent and HTTP protocols.

FrostWire also integrates file search and download from web services such as the Internet Archive and which provide millions of free legal works licensed under Creative Commons or available in the Public Domain by content creators world wide.

With FilmON’s help FrostWire once again can further help content creators distribute their works to audiences on communication channels that are convenient for today’s media consumption habits. FrostWire TV is a fresh start for the curd-cutting generation of people who are used to video on demand but who have been missing the possibility of watching live events because they don’t want to purchase TV sets or pay hundreds of dollars monthly for cable packages they don’t ever use.

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