FrostWire for Android 1.2.0 out with a new flat user interface

Welcome to a new series of FrostWire for Android.

The first thing you will notice is our switch to flat-land design while still keeping our flavor.
A flat user interface means not using any gradients, this makes screen painting faster and more energy efficient, as well as less memory intensive.

New Search
Search now reveals a lot of search results you may have been missing.

FrostWire is a file type agnostic search tool for your mobile, on this release you will be able to see in real time the number of search results you get per file type (Audio, Video, Documents, Programs and Torrents)

We’ve also made a lot of upgrades under the hood that will make search feel faster and better than ever.
A few new search engines have been added to FrostWire’s smart meta search, and more are coming on further releases of the 1.2.x series.

Our first attempt at a navigation menu was ridden with bugs that have been solved with a completely new menu that comes on top from the left side.

Renewed Audio Player

The audio player screen got some love too, notice the new flat buttons, flat progress bar, and new long press gesture on the pause button to completely stop the current song being played.

On the top right there’s a menu with more options, including an option to delete the current track if you don’t like it, something you’d never be able to do with a iOS devices and iTunes.

Also, you can switch songs by swiping your finger to the left or right, and if you want to pause a song you can swipe down with 2 fingers.

Full Changelog
FrostWire 1.2.0 – NOV/01/2013
– New Flat Skin makes screens rendering faster.
– New, more stable, slide in navigation menu.
– Considerable memory usage optimizations.
– Fixed skip-song gesture on top of player seek bar.
– New icons.
– After opening one of My Files, FrostWire will now remember the position of the list of files, no more scrolling down to continue browsing your own files.
– Current song being played now is displayed at the bottom of the navigation menu.
– Current song being played now shows “Stop” icon when browsing your own audio files.
– Updated turkish translation, thanks @Serrae.
– New BitSnoop metasearch.
– New TorLock metasearch.
– Removed ISOHunt metasearch.
– Fixed Monova metasearch.
– French translation updated.

2 thoughts on “FrostWire for Android 1.2.0 out with a new flat user interface

  1. I have downloaded Frostwire 5.7.6. for my Mac os x mavericks. I’ve tried holding the cursor over the PLAY/PAUSE button to get it to stop but nothing happens. Please advise. And I find the Mac blogs giving instructions that only a trained computer tech should follow. I’m NOT going into the ‘terminal’ on a Mac. It’s the equivalent of software neurosurgery.

    J. Bols.

    1. this feature will be available on 5.7.7. You can try it if you download the source code and build the software yourself today from (should be only a few days until the 5.7.7 release)

      Sorry we hadn’t implemented this yet for Desktop, perhaps you know about the “Hold” trick from the Android version.

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