FrostWire 5.6.8 out for Windows and Linux (Mac coming soon)

Download FrostWire 5.6.8 for Windows (.exe)
Download FrostWire 5.6.8 for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint (.deb)
Download FrostWire 5.6.8 for Red Had/Fedora/CentOS (.rpm)
Download FrostWire 5.6.8 for other Linux Distributions (.tar.gz)

This release fixes issues related to YouTube search and greatly improves the translation to spanish, thanks to our new contributor from Chile @dennistobar.

To our Mac users: You can try running from source until we figure out the digital signature issues brought forth by Maverick. We’re hoping to have a 5.6.8 very soon for you.
Update Download FrostWire 5.6.8 for Mac (.dmg)

To UK Users: a final fix is coming to bring back all the search results, we’re working as fast and hard as we can.

2 thoughts on “FrostWire 5.6.8 out for Windows and Linux (Mac coming soon)

    1. an android update is coming this week also. we’re rolling out windows first as there are more users on that platform.

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