New FrostWire for Android 1.3.4 (build 145) released

Download FrostWire for Android 1.3.4 build 145 .apk
Install FrostWire for Android 1.3.4 via Google Play


This new FrostWire release enables newer KitKat devices to make use of the SD Card.

Lots of important updates, better handling of large uploads, more updates on the music player, updated translations for Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese; crashes and freezes fixed.

Changelog FrostWire 1.3.4 – JULY/20/2014

– Large torrent downloads start a lot faster. Prevents possible

   freezing (ANR) on some devices.

– Restored SD Card writing capabilities under new Android rules.

   WARNING: All files stored to the application’s SD Card folder

   will be lost in the event of uninstalling. This is a problem

   for every application on Android, not by our design.

   Make sure to backup or sync files saved to the SD Card.

– Doesn’t prefer external storage as the app install path.

– Opens Music Player window when playing a song from My Music.

– Moved vuze settings files to primary external private folder.

– Updated Preferences screen, setting groups now in separate sub-screens.

– Cleans up empty .torrent placeholder files when single torrent file download complete.

– Translation updates for Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese.

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