Learning Through FrostWire

In this century, learning new stuff is easy thanks to technology. Right now, you can read the oldest books and watch video courses totally free. Here on FrostWire we always support free learning and we love to share Creative Commons content.

So if you want to start learning through FrostWire, the first thing you need to do is download and install FrostWire for desktop or Android. Then you can download millions of free (licensed under public domain and creative commons) books, movies, software, music, indexed by Archive.org.

FrostWire searches for content on Archive.org so you can download easily all their files.

For example, you can read all Shakespeare’s plays or the notes and texts of Sir Isaac Newton. Also if you want to write about old movies, you can watch for free Classic Films like Chaplin’s movies.

If you want to learn at the same level as in the most important universities in the United States, you can watch free open courses from MIT. These courses are licensed under Creative Commons, so you can download them with FrostWire and have them in your tablet or computer.

Also, if you want to share your content, you can share it through FrostWire. For example, if you are a teacher and you want others to have your course materials, or you love teaching and you want to share your knowledge, it’s the time to create a torrent file and share it with FrostWire. If you do that, tell us and we also can share your content on our site FrostClick.com

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