Telluride Cloud Downloader Build 6

telluride.exe 8.77 MB

telluride_linux 9.01 MB

9.08 MB 2.66 KB

usage: telluride[.exe|_macos|_linux] [-h] [--audio-only] [--meta-only] page_url

positional arguments:
  page_url          The URL of the page that hosts the video you need to
                    backup locally

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  --audio-only, -a  Downloads the video and keeps only a separate audio file
                    usually a .mp3. (requires ffmpeg installed in the system)
  --meta-only, -m   Prints a JSON dictionary with all the metadata available
                    on the video file found in the page_url. Does not download
                    the video file

build 6 – nov/18/2020

  • python: youtube-dl 2020.11.18
  • python: pyinstaller 4.0
  • Smaller build, down 2.4MB

build 5 – nov/13/2020

  • python: youtube-dl 2020.11.12
  • lint cleanups

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