New frostwire-desktop-6.8.9-build-300

Mac frostwire-6.8.9.dmg
Linux (.deb) frostwire-6.8.9.amd64.deb
Linux (.rpm) frostwire-6.8.9.amd64.rpm
Other frostwire-6.8.9.amd64.tar.gz

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frostwire (6.8.9) stable; urgency=high

  • Soundcloud search fixed
  • GloTorrents search fixed
  • Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 7
  • Better video format parsing from Telluride extracted metadata

4 thoughts on “New frostwire-desktop-6.8.9-build-300

    1. Please try the following before you launch the application:

      Edit the file ~/Library/Preferences/FrostWire5/frostwire.props

      and add the line

      This has helped some people get past a freeze when the “Tip of The Day” window is shown on macOS Big Sur.

  1. I’ve had a problem for the past few updates of FrostWire for Windows. Desktop Windows 10 Computer.

    My problem is, when I do my searches and click on one to download, and if it pops up to download. A lot of times it isn’t what I initially clicked on to download. One time what popped up was something I was searching for a few days past. Not then. And when I check the ‘Transfers’, what I was trying to download has disappeared after cancelling the erroneous popup.

    I Always Like It When It Shows seeds of (examples: 25, 50, 100 or more), and it comes up ‘Try Again, Not Enough…..’, There’s certainly enough seeds!! I’ve even gotten downloads with Zero Seeds listed!!

    And all these years nothing has been done about when we get searches, of totally nothing I’m searching for. Also, I know what I’m searching for is out there, but it doesn’t come up, even with some of the tricks I use.

    Thank you,

    1. The issue with the seeds you see in search results vs the actual seeds live on the network has to do with our search sources.
      They do not update those numbers very much. Try paying attention to the search result date, if the date is too old most likely the seed numbers are not real and you have to try getting the file maybe a few times.

      That’s why we’ve included a new “Retry” button for failed transfers. Often times you try a couple more times and you’ll find the torrent.

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